Monday, July 6, 2015

 Noah wasn't a huge fan of tummy time, but it made it a lot more fun having bog brothers around

 Kimball wants his loose teeth out so bad, but he always gets really nervous just when you're about to yank :)

 I found this little treat hidden in the frame of Joey's bunkbed. Apparently he's been taking sips at night. Hellooo cavities!

 Kimball love to hold noah's pacifier in and pet the dog--he just wants everyone to be happy

Cute boys all ready for church

 Valentine's Day card box and cards

Dad's Birthday!

 So Peter had been feeling like he needed to really pursue a job opportunity in Utah. I was not excited about that, but after a few weeks I got the prompting that I should whole-heartedly encourage him to do so, and give him my support. So for his birthday I gave him a note saying I would fully support him trying to obtain a job in Utah.

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