Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We were very excited to introduce our kids to a good old-fashioned rodeo. It was so much fun. We all loved it. And I love the values of San Antonio. They said the pledge of Allegiance and prayed at the beginning of the events.Chickens, big and small.

Joey--taking the bull by the horns
I think Kimball was just dreaming about bacon

As you can see from this picture, Kimball started getting a little grumpy. Peter tried to take him out of the petting area and Kimball was fixated on the pony. Sweet Peter is a softy and shelled out $15 for Kimball to get his picture riding this mighty steed. I'm glad he did because it is sooo cute! Kimball makes a great cowboy.

The boys loved all the bounce houses. We loved that it was all free thanks to HEB--our San Antonio grocery store.
Time for the real cowboys.

Muttin' Bustin'--a highlight of the rodeo for me. I love seeing those tought little kids hang onto that sheep for dear life. Joey said he wants to do that next year (but I think my sweet, cautious buy will change his mind). Maybe Kimball could convince him to do it with him.

We finally left after a 1/2 hour of Kimball trying to sleep on the chair. Poor kid was all worn out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Caleb's First Birthday

Happy Birthday Caleb!! We're so glad we get to see you lots and lots!
It was fun to be able to be here for Caleb's birthday. I wish all the nieces and nephews lived in the same place!

Earlier that day Joey had gone to the bathroom for his daily naptime poop. He usually spends about 20-30 minutes and there. As long as he's quiet and dosen't make a mess, I am totally fine with that. But this time he decided to decorate his hair with the soap. This was the result. What a silly boy!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

3 stories

I took this picture not just because I love that faucet, but to remind me to write about our no water day. So apparently San Antonio never (or almost never) has days below freezing. Because of that, the whole city water system is not insulated. Well we must have still been trailing some Buffalo weather with us becase it went into the teens here. The next morning there was no water. Apparently the pipes were frozen all over the city and everyone had to wait until the sun warmed the ground enough to thaw out the pipes to get water to the houses. What a silly thing!
I just thought this was so cute. Joey had made a special note for his friends Abby and Avery Creer and he sat out on the swing and waited for them to come to our house for dinner. Such a sweet boy!
This is when Kimball flooded the toilet while the babysitter was here. Apparently he unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet and then tried to flush it. It soaked the bathroom upstairs, spread to the bedroom carpets, and then leaked through the vent to the living room downstairs. Every towel in the house was used to clean up the mess.
An inquisitive, rascally two year old and a tired, constantly texting babysitter are not a good combination. We learned our lesson!

Nice Mom Party Time

As Scout Master, Peter has to go on lots of camp outs with the young men. I don't like when he's gone, but it's kinda fun to be "the nice mom" and have no rules. This is what we did the last camp out. We went to the store and bought all the yummy ice cream treats that tempted us, and then we pigged out on them and watched a movie. It was great! I have fond memories of my Dad being gone for some reason and eating Klondike bars with my mom (one of her all time favorites), and watching Dukes if Hazard.

I just love how Kimball says peek-a-boo so I had to get it on video

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Turkey Vultures

After moving to San Antonio, we have been introduced to Turkey Vultures. The boys and I are pretty fascinated by them. One day when I was driving back from the gym I noticed them a few blocks from our house eating a raccoon. I grabbed the boys and we hopped into the van and watched mother nature in action. Then a few days later a cat became roadkill right in front of our house so we got front row seats of the vultures for 2 days.

New years Eve at Sea World

We had a great time seeing the fireworks at Sea World. The boys loved the light Sabers, popcorn, and amazing show! Peter and I were happy that the fireworks started at 8pm so we could still put the boys to bed at a semi-decent time and then we could relax until midnight all cozy in our house


There was one day we were playing outside and the lighting was perfect. The shadows of the boys were so cute! I could see better their round cheeks, bellies, and bums, and their cute button noses. I just want them to stay that way forever!