Sunday, November 23, 2008

On Halloween night we were getting Joseph ready for bed and he kept saying, "There's a crazy hair on the floor." I walked over and saw a pulled apart cotton ball that Kimball had left. Joey then went on to tell us that the hair had fallen off of Santa Claus's chin. It was so cute!Another funny story was when were sitting at the Hong Kong Buffet (one of our Daddy lunch date destinations), and Joseph kept standing up and juming all over the bench at our table. Peter got a little frusrated and grabed Joseh and said, "turn around and sit down like a normal person." Joseph then screamed out, "I AM NOT A PERSON, I'M JOEY!" Ameesha flashback!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Open Sesame

I just love how little boys just can't wait to get behind the wheel. If only they could figure out how to open the door :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Peter's work dressed up in 70's theme so this is the sweet costume from Savers with my amazing hair design :)
Since it was 80 degrees on Halloween, and Kimball already hated his bear costume, I had to do some quick costume changing the morning of. Since I call him Dennis the Menace anyway, I decided it would be a fitting costume so I looked up some pictures on the internet and voila, he officially became Dennis the Menace--he was so cute!

We took the boys to Peter's work for lunch because they were having a big potluck
My good friend and neighbor, Anna, threw a Halloween party for the kids. She made so many cute little treats. I volunteered to make witch's brew (home made rootbeer) to add to her witch theme. I just love that stuff!
The bewitching brew!

Dancing with Dad to the Monster Mash
Kimball debating which of all the yummy treats to attack first
The 70's couple
It was so fun trick or treating with Joseph for his first time. He loved running from house to house with his friends and getting all those treats! He couldn't even make it in the door without trying a piece :)
All the delicious loot!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Kimball loves to peek through the banisters when he goes upstairs.
Kimball's face when he's ready to give you a kiss

Joey trying to get in on the excitement.

I could kiss these little faces all day!


Thanks Grandma Taylor for the great pumpkin cups!
This is Joseph "stabbing" his pumpkin as he called it.

I love that we could carve or pumpkin in 80 degree weather standing in front of our palm trees!
Finished product. It kind of looks like piglet got a bad nose job, but I was still impressed with myself for doing it while trying to entertain two little boys.

Slave labor

One night we decided to let the boys make dinner and do the dishes--it worked out well :) Can someone get intoxicated from drinking too much dishwater?
Here's a clip of the really cute noises Kimball makes. I love that his tongue never stops moving.

Boo at the Zoo

Here's our cute batman and our little bear who hated his costume (mostly the hood). We got dressed up and went to the party at the zoo. The boys loved getting all the candy and playing the fun games. The best part of the day was watching all the animals get a pumpkin to play with, eat and smash.

Pumpkin bowling was a huge hit!
Kimball couldn't get the hang or rolling the pumpkin, so he just went right up
and knocked them over.

They loved the maze, and went through over and over.
Our bear with the bear.

Family picture in front of the elephant smash zone.

There was even a firetruck with firemen handing out candy!

Joey debating which he values more: candy, or protecting himself from the crazy snake lady.
Our batman with the bats.

It was so amazing watching the elephants just smash and gobble up the pumpkins as if they were apples. Sorry about the sound in the background.