Friday, September 26, 2008

Funny Feature

So, our camera has a special editing feature that will take a picture f a non-smiling person and magically transform them into a smiling beauty. Maybe next time will try it on someone without a Mexi-stache.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jump, Jump, Jump

Who needs a trampoline when you beds like these?

Praying Mantis

So, one afternoon, the boys were both really (and I mean REALLY) cranky, so I thought going to the library would distract them until Dad got home. We only got about three blocks before I turned the car around because they were both hysterically screaming and crying in the back seat. I was contemplating just locking them in their rooms for an hour when we got home, but some little angel must have left a little present for us to help me keep my sanity. Right there on the garage door (as we pulled up after our 2 minute outing) was a praying mantis. Hallelujah!!! A distraction! So I very bravely grabbed the giant bug and put it low enough for the boys to see. They loved it!

"Don't worry Kimball, I'll protect you."
"Ummm, I wonder if I can eat that."

Kimball's latest love...running away as fast as that chubby little belly will go.
I always imagine the men these little boys will grow into,
but right now, I'm so glad they're still my babies!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joey's Turn

Here's my cute, silly boy with those amazing eyes!

So our old camera finally died (and I did not shed a tear, except for a few pictures it took along with it). It finally allowed me to feel justified in buying a new camera--yeah! I love it! The quality is so much better and we can finally take videos that have sound and are good quality! These precious memories were too good not to capture well!

So here are a few of my first favorite pics of Kimball. This first picture he is very happy because he can finally play with Joseph's beloved trains while he's away!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Beans and Behavior

So we had to do something a little different with our little boy who absolutely does not like to hearken unto that great commandment , "Honor thy Father and Mother."

So instead of repeatedly asking him to do something, we decided to give him a visual reinforcement for every time he listened. Each time he quickly obeys he gets to put a bean in the jar. After 10 beans he gets to buy a gumball from the machine (he can usually earn a gumball everyday or two). After he gets 100 beans he can get a special prize. For our first special prize we went to Incredible Pizza Factory and played lots of games and Joey got to ride the race cars for the first time!

It has been a nice way to change the atmosphere from feelings of complete frustration and nagging, to positive progress. Ohhh, why don't they just want ot listen all the time :) Sweet success!
Kimball and I hung out and watched the race

First place champs! And it had nothing to do with the fact that they were the only racers.
Get 'em!

Knock, Knock

Kimball loves to knock on the window when he's laying outside. Isn't he so cute!?!

Let Loose

This is what happens after trying to control all that energy during church.

More Hiking Pics

Here are some more hiking pictures. It's been so fun to go on hikes again! One of Joseph's favorite parts is the "roller coaster" hills we drive over on our way up the mountain. Last time we were there we saw a huge digger and Joseph loved getting up close. Those things are huge!