Sunday, February 20, 2011

They make me laugh

Kimball is OBSESSED with it being his birthday. He asks me almost everyday if it's his birthday. So one day I was craving Grandma Starkey's chocolate cake and frosting, so I told Kimball he could have it as his birthday cake. He was SOOO happy. We sang to both boys and they each got to blow out a candle.
Joey cracks me up. He is really good at helping me when I need some help around the house. One day I asked him if he would vacuum and I walked into the living room to see my Shamu maid busy at work. I think it made it a little harder for him to actually see the floor, but he did a great job!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ski Trip to UT

Watching the airplanes take off in Phoenix.
Getting a gumball from grandma and grandpa's giant machine. Those things are at least 15 years old I think :)
These cute San Antonio boys were so excited when they got out of the car. They just had to run over and touch the snow

Grandpa Gurr helped the boys build a snoman with the little snow that was left. It was very difficult to keep little boy legs calm enough to complete the snowman and take a picture

Snowman smashed

The boys LOVED playing in the snow. Even thought it was only 1/2 an inch. That was still exciting for these new Texas boys.

Grandpa was a great sport and pulled those boys all over the yard
Father-Son ski trip part 1. Peter and his dad went skiing in the morning and had a blast.
Father-Son ski trip part 2. Peter took Joey for his first ski trip ever. They both had an amazing time. Joey we a brave kid! I am so glad he will have those memories with his Dad. We'll definitely have to do that again!
Peter trying to take a picture while being very careful not to drop my ipod or let Joey fall off the lift :)
The bead tree. Peter's Uncle Jared met them skiing with his 5 year old daughter Catherine. He let Joey throw a bead necklace onto the tree
Grandpa did a great job of distracting Kimball while Joey and dad were skiing. Kimball really wanted to go on the mountain with them. I guess we'll have to do Father and sons next year.

The boys loved playing with all grandma and grandpa's games, especially with cousins

The boys got a good bee education from grandma. There were a few dead bees from the winter clean out.

Purple Cows--A yummy Gurr tradition. You take some homemade grape juice from Grandma's grapes in the bakyard, and then add some vanilla ice cream. Yummy!
Wingers night at Steve and Rosanna's house. It was a fun night to have all the cousins together

Kimball some how managed to pull his 8 year old cousin Megan around the basement, and Megan somehow manage to squeeze into and balance on that tiny cart. Silly kids.
The kids table
Celebrating Grandpa Gurr's 56 birthday
Joey and Kimball's sleeping bag beds. Joey LOVED that little foot dinosaur.


Throwing rocks into water--little boy heaven.

The boys and I love to go on "adventures" through a park by our house. Cathedral Rock park has some fun places to hike in the woods and along mostly dried up riverbeds. It has been great taking the dog along too. She LOVES it!
For New Years Day we decided to take the boys down to the river walk for their first experience at Rainforest Cafe. The boys love seeing the river and the gondola boats. They LOVED all the cool animals at dinner time!

One of the best parts of the night was the molten lava volcano. It was really yummy!
The boys were a little scared by some of the animals. The snake was fun :)

The best was the tiger. There were children standing in this picture just a split second before the camera captured this scene. We had to coax the boys into standing in front for the picture, and just our luck, as soon as we got them settled, the tiger roared, and those boys took off.
After the tiger scare we decided to buy the boys a drink at the bar. Just kidding. I just loved these stools. One day when I develop my carpentry skills, I'll have to make something like this.

After dinner we walked across the street to the Alamo and saw the giant Christmas tree. I guess if you can't see Rockefeller center, the Alamo is a great option.