Sunday, June 23, 2013

May 2, 2013 Journal entry

Wow, so much has happened!

it is now May--5 months after when we though we would have foster kids in our home.  It has been a rough few months......

Earlier this week, our case worker called us and said the licensing committee was trying to close/deny our case.  They said too much time had past and they "had a little something against us" (they didn't tell us that, we heard through the grapevine). But our amazing case worker continued to fight for us, and we were hoping they would grant us another month or so to "jump through their hoops" and collect any other documents proving that we are good, normal people. We were thinking that if we were lucky, they would still keep us open and we'd have another couple of months doing lots of paperwork stuff.
Well I just checked my email and saw a very shocking email from the licensing people saying that we had been approved for foster care.  I was shocked and quickly sent a message to our case worker asking if that was really true.  A few minutes later Maria called me and confirmed it was true!  I was so stunned!
After having a moment to let it process, I felt so incredibly overwhelmed by the Spirit.  I think this is the time I have most FELT the immediate hand of God in my life. It is just so undeniable that He did this. This is His work. He is in charge. I feel like the children of Israel ..they were prompted and felt that God wanted them to leave Egypt.  They worked and prepared, did all they could, and then as they were leaving, they got stopped by the Red Sea. They had no where to go. They were probably so confused thinking, "I thought you wanted us to leave. We did, and now we can't go any further and there is an army ready to kill us?!"  And then suddenly, miraculously, the water just parted. That trial was instantly taken away, and nothing but the power of God could have done it. 
A good friend sent me this scripture earlier this week when I told her that licensing was trying to close our case (deny us). 
I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it Rev. 3:8
God lives and miracles happen.  I am so grateful, and feel so overwhelmingly blessed to be able to see His hand so clearly!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Random pics and Birthday Celebration

 We noticed a pigeon nesting in our backyard tree.  There are big pests here and the neighbors were telling us that you can shoot and kill them with bebe guns here. But that just seemed so cruel (especially being pregnant).  So we let the mama bird do her thing and after a month those birds were already full grown and flying over our house and pooping all over it.

There is nothing better than my grandma starkey's recipe for strawberry pie! 

 Some friends int he ward have tons of chicken, geese and turkeys and we have started getting eggs from them each week.  They are so fun and colorful.
 Joey's fancy book report mobile about his favorite book series--Dragon slayers academy.
 His cute 2nd grade smile with all the spaces and new teach coming in

The boys have gotten into this new tradition--and they will not let me change it back, That on your birthday--you MUST open your presents first thing in the morning. When I got out of bed, they were so excited to have me open the gifts right away. 

 Kimball showing off his muscles with the new 10 lb weight they got me

 Peter smoking up the house cooking the yummy fajitas I requested.  We still haven't figured out how to use the cast iron skillet without burning everything.  Good thing I like my food toasty :)

 And of couse a carvel ice-crea, cake

Peter drove home from Phoenix fro the day to surprise me.  A friend took me out to lunch so I wouldn't be lonely on my birthday and I came home to this cutie.

Bean Bag Sky Diving, New Dog

 Bean Bag Sky Diving is a fun boy activity. They dive off the stair landing and plop into the super soft Love Sac.

One day we saw this crazy moth in the backyard. It was huge and it's wings looked as fast as a humming bird. It was fun to watch it suck all the nectar.

Joey using all the millions of tiny water balloons he filled up--seeing when they would pop.

Mid April one of Peter's co-residents was getting ready to graduate and move and they needed to down size.  They offered us their sweet Havenese named Rocky. I have felt so guilty for giving our Kiki away, so I quickly said yes.  I was so happy to have a trained dog who doesn't shed!  He was really nervous the first day and wouldn't come out of his kennel. He is 4.5 and was really attached to his previous family.
But after a few days he was all ours.  He thinks he's a big guard dog and likes to warn anyone who comes to the door to "GO AWAY," but other than that, he is a big, soft, fluffy love bug.  All he wants is for you to snuggle and pet him.  If your hand (or foot) is just hanging out, he will find a way to get his head right underneath so you have no way of not petting him.  He is so patient with the kids. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 Our ward Primary did a giant Easter Egg hunt for the millions of primary kids in our ward.
 The boys were both really happy, until Joey was told there was a limit on the number of eggs you could get (only 10 so each kid could get equal).  Joey was not at all happy.
 But later int he day this sweet boy surprised us all. We started decorating our eggs. We all were putting squiggles and flowers and dot decorations on the eggs. Then we look at Joeys's eggs and they all have Jesus, or we love Jesus written on them. It was great to be reminded by my sweet 7 year old to never forget what we are celebrating.

At least to not forget all the time. It's hard to remember when you have a whole basket full of candy and toys.

This was the most amazing, beautiful salmon I ever saw or ate. I challenged my cycling classes to do some race or anything out of the ordinary that challenges them.--and then I would give them some home made jam. One guy told me he was going to do a reverse challenge.  He was going to hike to the top of a mountain he had always wanted to, but never done--and then he would give me some salmon he caught in a river in Alaska.  Well, it was amazing!

March Camping

The Thursday before Easter weekend, we decided to take the boys camping before it got too hot. We went up to the mountains near our house--Madera Canyon. It was a lot of fun. Being open range, we set the boys to work scooping up cow pies as soon as we got there.
 The next job was getting the fire going. I copped out and bought a starter log, but the darn thing woudl not light.  Luckily we were surrounded by dry weeds so after many trips to collect more, the boys finally got some steady flames going.

 With the fire going we could enjoy some fire danceing from Kimball :), soem yummy hot dogs, and we topped it off with s'mores.

 And of course, some roasted peeps.  I will always be grateful to Melissa Gurr for introducing that delicacy to me!
 And of course, out little pyros had fun all night throwing arm loads of dried grasses onto the flames and watching the fire explode.

After a not so restful night sleep (I can never sleep when camping, especially when owls are hooting all night), we woke up to a beautiful morning. It's just so nice to wake up in the great outdoors--even when you're exhausted.

 Those dead grasses picked the warm coals right back up into a great fire

 Warm fake milk--yoohoo, complete with cow piefuel. No one got sick from either of those.

Then a little game of football tag. If you got hit with the ball, you were it.

 Dad running for his life

 Dad made us a yummy breakfast of eggs and sausage which we made in to breakfast burritos.
He must have eaten way to much because part way through his meal he just tipped over backward.  I tried not to laugh as I made him stay on the ground while I got the camera :)
 These 2 friends of smokey the bear were great at putting out the fire.  Kimball used sand and Joey water, and together, they put it totally out...and probably filled up the fire pit a few inches.

As much as I don't like all the cleanup and tons of prep for camping, I am so glad we went.  It's so fun to hang out with your wonderful family--away from everything.