Sunday, April 27, 2008

Texas, here we come!

So we have officially decided that we are definitely moving to El Paso, TX at the end of May. Peter will be working for a Pediatric Dental office there, and Joseph, Kimball and I will be basking in the warm Texas sun--ahhh, I can't wait! NO MORE BUFFALO WINTERS!!!

Crazy Kimball

Cute clapping Kimball
Here is our crazy little guy in action. He loves to "attack" your face and slobber all over you.

Skylon Tower

In honor of Peter graduating from dental school in 1 week (hooray!!!), we went out to a fancy dinner with 2 other couples who are also graduating. We ate at the Skylon Tower which is a revolving restaurant in Canada overlooking Niagara Falls from over 500 feet in the air. It was an amazing view! We loved getting to celebrate the past 4 years of hard work (and long Buffalo winters).

View from restaurant
view from observation deck
love birds
Friends: Brenna and Dan Kingsford, Michelle and Devon Call

Silly Kimball

So Joey is always singing the Bob the Builder song, which means that I am also always singing the Bob the Builder song--it's so catchy. So one day during lunch, without realizing, I started singing, "Bob the Builder, can we fix it? Bob the Builder, yes we can!" As soon as Kimball heard it he started shaking his head "no," and Joey thought that was hilarious (because you're supposed to say yes, obviously).


So I got this crazy idea in my head that I needed to run a 5K. It was mostly a 1/3 life crisis when I realized the race was 4 days before I turned 30--aghhh! So we got some friends together and ran the Envirun this Saturday. I had 3 weeks of training to go from not being able to run around the block without suffering a minor heart attack, to doing a race. It was an exciting adventure! I am very proud of myself for finishing! The run was beautiful. We ran around Goat Island in Niagara Falls so the whole race we were either running right next to the Niagara River , or the Falls themselves. The amazing view helped distract me from the pain :)Cresant (my trainer) and I, and Tara sprinting to the finish line to finish in under 30 minutes

Me trying to convince Joey to let me have a ride
"You did it Mom."

Friends: Eliza Damstedt, Amy Hulse, Cresant Marchant, Tara Chiapelli

Spring has finally sprung!

It has been so nice to finally see the signs of spring! We have all been enjoying the view of our beautiful tree.

Little Sicky

Poor Kimball was sick all week. He woke up Tuesday morning with a fever of 103. I took him in to the Dr. and told him (the Dr.), that I thought Kimball had strep. The Dr. assured me that babies don't get strep, but he reluctantly did a strep culture any way. Two very long days later the Dr. called to tell me that yes, Kimball did have strep and needed an antibiotic.

So for 4 days Kimball was so sick with a high fever. He would just lay on the floor and suck his thumb. It was so sad to see our happy, hyper baby so miserable. But he's back to his wild and crazy self now :)


Monday was Clifford Day at story time and I couldn't resist the photo op because he looked so cute!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Comment of the day

So, Joey's funniest comment today happened when I went outside to bring him in for lunch. With all this warm weather I decided to paint my toenails a bright new color, and since Joey was playing on the ground, he got a good view.

So, he grabbed my feet and said, "Where did you get these new toes?" I told him I got some new nail polish. He then looked up at me and said, "Your old nail polish DIED?"

I grow more amazed everyday at what is going on in these little minds :)

My Little Monkey

This is what it looks like every time I'm trying to get something done in the kitchen. Kimball will hold onto my pants and stand there whining until I pick him up. He loves me so much and can never get enough of me :)



The boys love the swings at Ellicot Creek Park. I love watching Kimball kick his legs everytime the swing goes forward.

Wrestling Dad


We had an amazingly beautiful past few days. It's been between 70 and 90 degrees. That's amazing for Buffalo!
So we went to watch the airplanes take off at the airport. It was great to sit and watch, and the pilots even waved to us!
Joey ran around so much and got really thirsty.

Scripture Eater

Due to Kimball's paper eating fetish, I lost a whole page out of my scriptures.


We went to the aquarium for a special touch tank day and Joey got to touch a lobster, a starfish, horse shoe crab and snail. It was great!
Kimball loved watching the sea lion swim. It even helped cheer him up after falling and getting that big red bump on his head--ouch!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wing Man

Kimball's hair is starting to get curly. He has these cute little wings that curl up over his ears. He totally needs a haircut, but his curls are so cute. I just can't bring myself to chop them off.

Lunch with Dad

One Friday a month we try to steal Dad away from school and take him out to eat. This last time we went to Santora's, an all you can eat soup, salad, breadstick and pizza place. It's great for poor students :)
Kimball loved the food, and Joey loved to be with Dad. He started telling Peter secrets half way through lunch.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fire Station

For playgroup we went to the Williamsville Fire Station and Joseph was so excited! All the kids were able to climb all over /in the trucks. The pictures just don't capture the joy of the moment.

River Walk

We took a fun little walk to the river (Tonawanda Creek) by our house and Joseph wanted to see a fish so badly. I think they were still frozen. We went to the dock and saw the long crew boats there and Joseph was convinced they were "plane boats."

Buffalo Tradition--Pizza and Wings

We have a new family tradition of giving the baby his first bite of wings during Easter time before their first birthday. Kimball really liked it. So did we.

Silly Joey

Despite how much he can drive me crazy, he still makes me laugh. The other night I opened the fridge and found this little guy cooling off in there.

On Friday we were on our way to eat out and we were stopped at a red light. A man driving a convertible with the top down turned left in front of us and Joey said, "Hey, that guy just broke his car." I guess a convertible is too rare in Buffalo to be familiar.


When Kimball finds a toy he really likes, he will sit and play with it for a while. Then, when he wants to move, he'll put the toy in his mouth and carry it with him until he wants to play with it again.

Get Me Up There!

Kimball is so funny. He always wants to be up on everything. He will stand next to the couch or chair and whine until you help him get up. He also loves to speed crawl up the stairs and go play in Joey's room.

Poison Control

After some curiosity, I thought I would explain our Poison Control experiences. My first time was when Joey got a hold of the Oxy Clean bottle and I found him spraying it in his mouth--I discovered that it was safe.

The second time was when Peter gave Joseph some Motrin for teething pains and left the bottle open in his room. I went to get Joey the next morning and discovered that 1/3 of the bottle was gone!!! I totally freaked out, but they assured me that he would have to drink 1/2 of the bottle for it to cause serious harm.

The third was 5 hours later when I was taking the boys to a little Halloween farm and Joseph started vomiting all over himself in the backseat. I called again and they reassured me that he was still ok. (It was probably because they told me to feed him a big breakfast, and I must have stuffed a little too much in him.) So after I cleaned all the large chunks of sausage and eggs off of Joey's shirt and told him we needed to go home and clean him up, he started crying hysterically because he still wanted to see the animals. So, we proceeded to go to the farm. I just tried not to let Joey walk too close to anybody

The fourth and fifth times were when we tried to move back into our house too soon after the fire and had to leave because we were getting sick from breathing the air that was coming from our sooty furnace and vents.

So, I highly recommend Poison Control! They are so helpful! I just hope there's not a limit on how many times you can call per year before they try to take your kids away.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Little Helper

Dishwashers are so irresistible. So are cute little wrist rolls!

I have to have those wipes

Kimball loves wipes. He thinks the container is so magical, and he loves to eat the wipes. We've repeatedly found him either sucking on, or taking big bites out of the wipes. (We're wondering if he has pica ;))
So in an effort to not have to call Poison control for the fifth time in 1 year, we have been putting the wipes on the couch, but Kimball is not very happy that he can no longer reach them.

Sleepy Baby

Kimball has now fallen asleep twice in his exersaucer. It's always after we get home from the library story time and I'm trying to get lunch ready. I will suddenly notice that it's much too quiet for my normally loud, jumping Kimball.
He is so funny because he'll fall asleep, and then every few minutes stand up and start jumping in his sleep until he slowly lulls himself back to unconsciousness.