Wednesday, December 30, 2009

As soon as we moved to San Antonio, the boys helped me plant a ton of seeds in big Tupperware containers so we could get our garden growing. The plants were doing great until we planted them in the soil at our house--apparently not good soil. We had 1 inch corn cobs that the rolly pollies gobbled right up. The only real produce we were able to get from our garden was this one lone squash. This little guy sure took his sweet time to grow. We planted him in June and didn't get to reap the reward of the harvest until December. I was so excited that at least one thing grew. Hopefully with all the info I recently learned in a gardening class we will be able to have a more plentiful crop next summer!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Catching Butterflies

Joey had so much fun in November catching all the butterflies that flew in our yard. I think they were a little tipsy after chugging all our hummingbird nectar.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

We swapped family photo sessions with Sally and Joe so we could send out some Christmas cards for the first time ever. Here are some of our favorites.

Pretending to be a reindeer family

We set up our tree the Sunday after Christmas. I love having a big 9 ft tree! It was so fun to see the boys excited to put up all the ornaments.

I was taking some test photos to see where the lighting was best and These 3 boys were so cute!
There is hope for brotherly love after all

Is narcolepsy hereditary?

We took the boys for their first bowling adventure Thanksgiving weekend. It was fun. i think the boys got a little bored by the time their balls made it down the lane. But it was a fun time beig together. They also learned the story of how Grandma taylor broke her ankle bowling--always a great childhood memoty of mine :)

Thanksgiving Dinner

My sweet hubby cleaning the turkey for me--yuck!
Joey peeling sweet potatoes. He even made an H!

Grandma Jo's famous turkey treats

Caleb, Joey and Kimball at the kids table
All the yummy desserts
It was great to spend Thanksgiving with family! We have many wonderful blessings in our lives and we are grateful to Heavenly Father for all He's given to us.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Articles of Faith--Joey and Kimball style

We have been trying to teach the boys the articles of Faith and just a couple of weeks ago, Kimball started to say them along with us. I guess all these things are really getting in to his little head! it was so fun to have him say them with us!
I love how silly Joey is after he says #1 and 2. If you can't quite understand, he says "Shamu" right after he swipes his mouth. They just crack me up. Little boys are crazy and adorable! And then Kimball shouts "gospel" right at the end of the clip. Gotta love it!

Snuggle Buddy

It is so nice to have my little Kimball snuggle with me in the morning. This normally super hyper little boy will actually lay peacefully next to me and just snuggle or rub my face. It is so cute to see him so tender and sweet. I love those calm little morning moments!

Melissa's Visit

We had a wonderful time having Melissa here to visit after her coming home from a mission in Nashville Tennessee. We first went tot he Witte Museum for free Tuesday afternoon fun.

Next we went to the zoo

Then we went to the Alamo and the Riverwalk

On Melissa's last night we had an all night party at our house. We ate, put the kids to bed, and then started the fun with a round of Bang.
The the real fun started with a roast fest. First we did marshmallows and s'mores...
Then we did starbursts...
And my favorite--peeps. They were so good!
We miss you Meliss! When Sally came over a few days after you left, Kimball ran outside yelling, "Wissa?" He looked for you out there for a few minutes. Feel free to come back anytime!