Monday, October 28, 2013


Me and our new cutie at the halfway point...right before the sono.

 We had a big crew in for the sonogram--Mom and Dad, Joey, Kimball and Grandma and Grandpa Taylor. After we found out we were having a little boy, there was still a lot of checking to do on the baby (they do hour long sessions now so they can check everything). I look over at Grandpa Taylor and asked if he would take the boys out to the waiting room for the rest of the time. My Dad just looked at me and didn't say a word. For a split second I thought, "why is he being rude?"  :)  I was really confused as to whether he was really into the sonogram and didn't want to leave, or he just didn't want to have to watch 2 active boys in a waiting room. After the 3rd time of me trying to ask and rephrase the question, he finally responded, "I don't feel too good."  Poor guy, my mom helped him slowly ease out of the room so he wouldn't keel over, and Peter took the boys out to the waiting room. Suddenly my big party of supporters was all gone :)

Peter eventually got to come back in, and we all got a good laugh. My Dad will never live this down :) He just needs to see those babies fully covered in skin, not just their insides.

But our new little guy looked so perfect!  It was amazing to see how adorable he already is and see how perfect each and every part of that tiny little body is.

And we are SUPER excited to be having another very active little boy come to our family. Everyone kept asking if we were hoping for a girl, but Peter and I both really wanted another boy, and had been feeling it would be a boy. So we were happy and relieved--boys are so much easier for us--simple. Wild and crazy, so all you have to is focus on channeling all that energy and keep them fed :)