Monday, April 27, 2009


These boys just crack me up. I am always amazed at their love of being goofy. It's so wonderful that they can be silly together.
Joey's backward shirt

To explain the next video, Kimball has a kissig fettish. He wants to kiss EVERYTHING! Recently I walked in on him kissing a sock. Every time he hears/sees an animal he wants to kiss it. Another favorite thing he wanrts to kiss are airplanes. I was so glad i finally caught on tape him trying to kiss one. He will pucker up and say, "Umm, umm." And then "smack." I alwys tell him, "why don't you kiss me?" I'll be much more firndly than that bumble bee you're trying to kiss.

Joey's first school pictures

This picture cracks me up because Joey is the least happy kid to be at school, but you would never know it from this picture! He looks the happiest kid there!

Two weeks ago, a photo company came to Joey's KinderCare and took pictures of the kids. I was really wondering how Joey would do for them, but they had some magical ability to make him incredibly happy. Who is that smiling little posing boy I see, and what did they do with my Joey?

So handsome!

How did they get him to do that?

Monday, April 13, 2009


So, I got my official diamond ring now that Peter has been receiving a paycheck for the first time in our married life.

I woke up on a Friday morning two ago to this cute little note tucked into the diaper pile.It was wonderful to get up, dressed, and then hand my kids over to the babysitter while I spent the entire morning getting pampered at the spa, and then going to buy myself a new dress (I looked so fancy, I just had to), and then getting to have a very quiet and fun lunch date with my hubby. The next day Peter gave me the ring so I could show off my fancy nails. Thanks honey, I love it!


Since Kimball is constantly getting into trouble, I have to constantly reprimand him. I must get a crusty face when I do because every time I look at Kimball and use my "Mommy's not happy" voice, he turns and gives me the best little crusty look. It is so adorable! I can't help but laugh. It's a good think he is so stinking cute, since he drives me crazy. Adorableness must be his defense mechanism against getting locked in his room all day.

Here are some failed attempts to get Kimball to make the face. I guess it just cannot be fully captured.

Close, but not quite

easter Egg Hunt

For the Sunday morning session of Conference, we invited our neighbors and good friends, Anna, Bobby, and Cameron Peters over to watch the session, and then have an Easter egg hunt afterward. The boys had so much fun. Joey and Kimball were a little more interested in eating what was in the eggs, rather than finding them all. They will quickly learn the ropes as the years go on! We then had to take a picture in front of our Easter bunnies.

Oh, that little boy!!!!

The other night when Peter was at the Priesthood Session. I was getting the boys ready for bed. I was helping Joey with his PJs when I heard some sloshing and dripping water coming from the bathroom. I immediately ran in and found Kimball putting clothes in the toilet and then pulling them out and smearing them all over. Aghhhh!!!!!! And this is right after Joey had peeded in the toilet and forgot to flush!

I grabbed the rascal and ran to the kitchen to wash his yucky hands and remove his toilet water soaked clothing. Then I spent the next 20 minutes pulling gross clothing out of the toilet (I had to get tongs to get the socks at the bottom), mopping up the floor, and then trying to sanitize everything.

I think I've decided against ever giving them an allowance. I'll just take the money I would have given them and save up so I can go on a cruise or something. I need it :)

Joey's prayer

Joey has finally decided that he can pray all by himself. (He wouldn't attempt before because that perfectionism got the best of him).

I LOVE to hear him pray from his sweet, little heart. This is what a typical prayer sounds like:

"Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you that Santa brought us presents, thank you for the food. Please bless Melissa on her mission. Please bless Dad and Mom and me and Kimball to get better. Please bless the blessings. Bless grandma and grandpa to buy a new house next to our house. Please bless grandma to send us another package. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

One sweet thing he says sometimes is, "Thank you that Jesus helps the kids."

It makes me so happy to hear an innocent, little angel pray.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

General Conference

It is so nice to be on Mountain Time for watching Conference. It is wonderful because the afternoon session is during nap time so I get a lot more out of Conference than I normally do. Thanks so much Grandma and Grandpa Gurr for the easter package that kept the boys busy while we listened!


The boys are really cute when they watch a movie. I usually get them a little snack so that it can be an official "Movie Party." Then Joey will go get comfortable in front of the TV and Kimball will try and sit exactly like his big brother--as close as he can possibly get to him. If Joey sits, he needs to sit. If Joey lays down, he needs to lay down. It's so fun to watch, until Joey gets feed up and can't stand to have Kimball near him.

Let's go fly a kite...

We have been getting some of those good old El Paso winds, with gusts up to 55 miles an hour. The boys have loved getting to fly the kite in our little cul-de-sac, and I have loved getting to finish dinner in peace, with out Kimball whining at my feet to show me he is dying of starvation :)

"I don't want to go to school!"

Recently Joseph had to go to a new school because the woman teaching his preschool before was having some family crises. Joey seemed to really like his new school until his good friend Gigi moved up to the 4 year old class and left him behind. He started to dread school and was getting sent home everyday he went because he was crying so much. I need my two mornings a week without him, so I was desperate to find a solution. I told him that if he could stay at school all morning and be happy, I would give him a special treat when he got home. Well, I am a firm believer in the power of the treat bribe! He finally stayed and was mostly happy at school. As soon as I walked in the door to pick him up he said, "Can I have my treat?" I had recently gone shopping at Pro's-- a Mexican grocery store right on the border, and found these awesome gigantic marshmallows (Peter didn't think they were amazing--dentistry makes you boring).

I'm willing to risk a cavity for a few hours of peace!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Kimball has finally learned to like reading. He has never been able to sit still through a book before. Now he will run over, grab a book, and climb up in the chair. I'm so glad both the boys love to read now.

Happy Birthday Peter!

Peter was out of town the two days before his birthday (interviewing for a job he has since accepted to work for a Dental company in San Antonio), so the boys and I had lots of time to get some birthday surprises ready. Joey LOVED getting to decorate everything I allowed him with streamers. He did a great job and spent lots of time making everything perfect. After all that hard work, he and Kimball ran around crazily in the living room.

Peter's cinnamon roll cake.
Note Joey's beautifully decorated chairs!
We went to the dollar store and the boys picked out some toys for Dad.
Peter got a tree to symbolize a new beginning.
The we had chocolate cake, and a few days later, strawberry pie.
Happy Birthday!