Sunday, July 19, 2015

May--Errie's birthday

 Since most Elsa dresses were out of stock or $200, I was able to make one for Errie using another princess dress that cost $12, and then putting a new picture on and sewing a train in back. She loved it!
She also wanted to help decorate her cake, so we made this beauty together. And then had her dinner on the back patio per her request.

 Errie really wanted us to bring cupcakes for her birthday at school, so we got some very brightly frosted cupcakes and celebrated with her school friends.

After the school party, Peter and I (and Noah) went on a date to Tubac--a little artisan city south of Sahuarita. It was fun to walk around the shops and museum(one room school house) and eat lunch together in relative peace

 This was Noahs forst taste of a big chunk of bread. He loved real food and didn't want baby food for very long. He wanted the big boy food!
 Abe Lincoln and I having a chat.
Some of the sculpture including saguaro ribs

 Errie loved to play with baby Noah

Yes, that is baby vomit all over my face. Yes it did go into my mouth. Never hold a baby up over your face after they've nursed

 It was so nice living next to this beautiful lake!  We would take lots of walks as a family around this lake.
But This was a very sad time for me. We were preparing to move back to Texas and I knew it would be any day when CPS would call and say they were coming to pick up Errie and Tionne and take them to a temporary home while grandma was getting ready to take them to her home. It is hard to let go of your kids!

 The neighborhood Luau at the pool

 Lunchables at the park. Noah really wanted to eat Kimballs food, and Joey wanted to make the tallest cracker sandwich ever.

 One night I was so exhausted and didn't think I could handle another sleepless night of kids needing help or fed. But in the morning I looked over and saw this sweet little face and those huge eyes, and decided it was worth it

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