Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Victory Run

This was my victory "3" run. I can not run very far into my pregnancies because of extreme round ligament pain. So I was so excited to get back out there. That first run I felt like a doggie who had been couped up for months and finally got to use those legs again. As much as I was loving it, I needed some motivation to keep my bruised, broken and sleep deprived body going.
So I focused on "3". I ran 3 miles in under 30 minutes, 3 weeks after giving birth to the 3rd baby/child to join our family in 2013! It was a very motivating run! :)

The boys were so excited to set up the train tracks under the tree again

Watchful and Protective Big Brother

Kimball had a very strong sense of wanting to help baby Noah. He would tuck him in the swing, help him with the pacifier, and snuggle him.

When Noah was really little I would bring him outside in his bouncy with me so I could work out. He was usually happy just sitting in the shade for about 30 minutes. But after that he would be DONE and start to cry. At that point I would just bring him inside so the neighbors wouldn't hear :), and then I'd do a quick 5-10 more minutes to finish my workout. My philosophy is that that crying won't hurt them, and I just needed a few more minutes and then I'd give you the entire rest of the day.
But one day Kimball was home for this event, and the poor kid could not handle that.
He tried his best to soothe Noah, but Noah was just screaming. Every 30 seconds Kimball would open the back door and say, "Mom you NEED to help him!!" I would calmly respond that I will help Noah very soon, I was almost done--5,4, or 3 more minutes. I then told Kimball to just come outside with me and Noah would be ok inside.
But sweet Kimball wouldn't think of it. Poor kid was super tense from the screaming, but wouldn't leave his brother's side.  What a great and caring big brother you are Kimball!

Sweet Baby Boy

It was so fun to take pictures of this sweet baby. I feel so blessed to be his mother! And the he came to a family with the best big brothers and sister ever!

Family Time

 I think this was the first year where Peter was actually home to help me hang the Christmas lights outside.

Some cute Dad and baby snuggle time

Kimball had/has (it’s kind of fading a bit) an extreme desire for order and neatness in certain areas. One of those areas was the dish washer. It would eat at his soul if the bowls were not arraigned in rainbow color order. If he was not the one to load the bowls, he would go back after someone else finished and rearrange them in their “proper” order.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


 Grandma Taylor was so nice and took us on a couple frozen yogurt dates while she was here so J and K didn't feel left out when Errie and Tionne were at their parent visit.

More Baby Noah

 Grandma was amazing with all the kids! She even made play dough for everyone.

 Some more cute baby pics