Monday, June 29, 2015

Day Camping

 Peter was able to help J and K learn how to build a fire. They loved adding dry grass to see how big of a blaze they could get

 Kimball found a bone and thought it was a dinosaur tooth

 just relaxin'

 we took a mini hike and the boys had lots of fun climbing to the top of boulder mountain

 I loved hiking and holding this little hand when dad needed a break

 K found a smashed frog and J found lots of cool rocks and bones

 More cute baby pics!

 We had fun celebrating rodeo days at the Rancho Sahuraita Clubhouse. They always do a wonderful job!

 Some one learned how to use the potty and got some big boy pants and an icecream party to celebrate!

Noah Loves to have his face/head smashed up against you when he sleeps. He seems to be comforted by having something touching his cheeks, so he would nuzzle into my elbow crease/armpit to fall asleep.