Sunday, February 26, 2012

Florida Family Adventure

After carefully planning on a place to stay, I finding an amazing condo association with a marina, many pools, playground, tennis courts, private beach, fishing jetty, and even a snorkeling lagoon fed by the ocean and full of marine life. We were all so excited to go. The boys we ecstatic to fly on an airplane.

After a few minutes of carefully studying the plane's emergency exits, the boys needed a little something to keep them busy.
Lucky for us, I found this great free app right before we left. The boys sat for hours taking distorted pictures of themselves. I wanted to kiss whoever created that thing!

Peter needed a turn

Then Joey

A little layover fun in the airport
We flew into Ft Lauderdale late, so we stayed the night there before driving down to Key Largo. In order to save money I booked a really cheap hotel. I made sure to check the reviews before hand. It had good reviews. It was a little different then was stated though. As we walked in we saw a pimp escorting his "ladies" to their evenings work. They all wanted to talk to the boys and thought they were "so cute." It was not a fun night. But the next morning we all woke up alive and intact, and the boys never had a clue. All our sorrows were melted away by a huge breakfast at Denny's. I love that the boys are so easy to please (and crazy).
After spending the morning at the beach, we needed to kill a few hours before we could get into the condo, we along the way down, we stopped at a mall to see a movie. Santa got on the same elevator as us and gave the boys a hug. He was the best Santa ever!

beach in Ft. Lauderdale

We made it to the condo and jumped into the Lagoon
There were tone of minnows! The boys--all 3 of them-- spend most of the day trying to catch one in their hands. They even built a dam to trap them.

Peter helping the boys get one. Kimball was so happy to finally get a hold of one of those little guys. He just pet it until we made him put it in the water again.

Close encounter with a bigger fish

We thought it would be fun to take the boys snorkeling since some fo my favorite childhood memories are snorkeling at this very place. Well, it wasn't fun. The boat ride out there was beautiful and exciting. But as soon as we set foot int he water the boys FREAKED out! First it was "sooo cold." Then if their feet toughed any little thing they thought they were going to die. Peter and I had them on our backs and swam them around like little sea turtles--with them screaming their heads off the entire time that they wanted to go back tot he boat. After 15 minutes I couldn't take it anymore and I sat with the boys on the boat while Peter finished snorkeling. He was able to see lots of cool fish, a stingray, and a shark! I was jealous.
After making it back to shore, we took a family kayak trip through the mangroves. That was actually really fun! The boys did not freak out at all ;) We all just paddled along and got to relax in the amazing beauty. (When I find what I did with those pictures I will add them)

The boys stole Peter and my's extra sunglasses

After a long, fun day we walked around the beach at the state park
The reason why Kimball looks guilty int his picture is because he is guilty. Just down the beach were a few fanilies playing in the water, I glance over to see Kimball peeing into the water. Boys are so funny.
Kimball standing on the giant "dinosaur footprint" aka latrine.

Kimball posing on the canon replicas

Watching the wildlife in the condo lagoon. We even spotted a puffer fish!

Going fishing on the jetty

The boys LOVED fishing--even though we never caught a thing. They also loved collecting little snails as we waited for the fish to bite.

After all that fishing we needed a little snack at the picnic area. Everything was just so beautifuland fun there

Those mangrove trees are amazing. It was so fun to see those shoots reaching with all theirmight to grab onto something strong and steady.

Peter was so happy to catch his own "wild coconut."
listening to the milk slosh around inside

the bounteous harvest--on Thanksgiving day no less :)

Despite being on vacation, we still managed to create a wonderful feast. It was delicious food and wonderful family memories

Nakie Joey who never got dressed beyond underwear after swimming, and Kimball "eating" his turkey bone.
Our new Thanksgiving desert--real Florida Key Lime pie
I never get donuts for the boys so they were very excited to get some yummy dunkin donuts!

The Turtle Hospital
We went to see where they rescue and rehabilitate allt he sick and injured sea turtles. It was an amazing place.
The first part was educational--Kimball hdecided to take a power nap through that part.
Then we went outside and saw all those poor, cute turtles

At the end you get to feed them--throw in some pellet food. It was a great place to learn. The rest of the trip Joey was very worried about the turtles and picked up every bit of trash along the beach that he saw. He remembered the story of one sea turtle whose intestines were full of indigestible garbage and almost died. The hospital saved her.

. After the hospital we sayed on Marathon Island and went to sombrero beach. We enjoyed the sand chair someone had built earlier that day.

The boys enjoyed their boogie boards more out of the water than in it.

Back to the condo
Ahhh....This was one of the most rejuvenating things I have ever done. Yoga on the beach. The best part was looking over after a few minutes and seeing this super cute little boy copying my every move. It was great to have a yoga buddy on the beach!

Peter also got his own little workout the end of the jetty. He was lucky enough to have another super-cute little boy working out with him.

We all loved the being on the end of the jetty. The view and the beauty of being so close to ocean was incredible.

Bird Sanctuary
We went to the bird sanctuary and saw some beautiful birds and a beautiful sunset among the mangrove trees. Poor Kimball unfortunately found a big mud swamp. Luckily we were right next to the ocean so we rinsed him and the shoes off very easily.

Last day at the condo
We tried to squeeze in as much ocean time as we could the last day. It was so fun finding tons of crabs. Different species of crabs we had never seen before and lots of fun hermit crabs. We also found sea spong and coral. The ocean is just amazing!

One last bite of the yummiest pie ever--mango key-lime pie from Publix. YUMMMM it is so delicious!