Saturday, October 30, 2010

Joey's first day of kindergarten

What handsome boys!

Saying goodbye, but refusing to kiss mom in front of the other kids.
Doesn't that vulnerable, scared look just break your heart. Here he is lining up with his class. His teacher, Mrs. Erikson is in the pink shirt
Kimball decided to spend his first day of freedom hiding in the storage container

Brave little boy coming home on the bus!
My friend Laura from Buffalo had a great tradition of making a giant cookie for the first day of school. Joey was so excited to come home to a giant treat with a blue sprinkle J on it!

Here is an excerpt from my journal of Joey's first day:
Today was Joey's first day of kindergarten. We brought him into the cafeteria where the teacher was waiting with the rest of the students. After a few hugs (and no kiss because Joey refused to kiss me in front of his friends--it was really cute actually. He's growing up and getting embarrassed to kiss mom. I did make him give me a kiss tonight before bed and he happily did), we waited at the exit of the cafeteria for the school bell to ring. Joey walked out and to class with his teacher. I was so nervous for him. I just wanted him to feel safe and secure.
As Peter, Kimball and I walked out of the cafeteria, Peter looked at me and said, "wow, you made it through without crying." As soon as he said that the tears just started gushing. I guess i was holding it all back so joey wouldn't feed off my nervousness. I spent the morning in peppy mode, trying to ignite a fire in him about how fun school is. As soon as he couldn't see me anymore all the anxiety and worries I had been feeling came rushing out.
Then when we got home I just sat on our front swing for a long time, not wanting to go inside. I felt if I went inside I would be too far away from my son if he needed me. (Crazy, I know, but when your a mom sending your first child off to kindergarten you'll understand) Peter finally convinced me he would be alright.
I felt so strongly how intense that mother love is for a child. There really is no love in the world stronger. Only the love of the Savior can top it. As i love my children, I better understand the immense love our Father in Heaven has for us. I know my kids were His kids first. That He loves them, and will watch over them much better than I can. It was comforting to leave Joey in his Father's hands.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I failed to mention one of the most crucial parts of out amazing cruise week. Peter's amazing sister Melissa was brave enough to watch our very energetic little boys for 7 whole days! She did an amazing job. Here's the schedule I left for her to have something to keep those wild boys busy.

Thank You Melissa!

Father-Son Love

I LOVE this little note that Joey wrote to his daddy. Joey loves going on his father-son dates with Peter. They do different things, but almost always end up at Marble Slab for ice cream. One day during Joeys quiet time he came in my room asking for help to sound out a few words he needed to finish his request for another date with dad.I wish I could save this sweet, little boy innocence forever!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pool Pics

Joey and Kimball LOVE our neighborhood pool! We were there every day in the summer. We were able to use the last few shots left on the underwater camera to capture these two in action.

Here's my little turtle head Kimball. He refused to put his head under water all summer. He could swim the entire length of the pool without stopping, but he kept his little head above the water. The last week of warm pool temperatures he decided to jump in all by himself and keep on swimming. That little head finally got wet!

Joey has become a little fish. He loves to jump in and swim all around.

Kimball took a great shot of himself :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Carribean Cruise part 1

I am so glad I married such a sweet, romantic man! each night we'd go to the very top deck in the back of the ship--away from everyone. There were only stars, moon light, and ocean breezes. Peter would serenade me while we slow danced. It was perfect! Thanks for an amazing week!

This is the happy couple boarding the ship of love :)

Because of engine failure the first evening, we had to forgo the stop in the Bahamas because we drifted too far off course while experiencing difficulties in the Bermuda Triangle.

This is the picture we took of the picture we refused to buy
We decided to order breakfast in bed the first morning we were there. It was fun to lay in bed and eat food as we overlooked the beautiful blue ocean.
vI loved being able to take the time to get dressed up each night and sit and eat an amazing dinner. I cannot tell you how rejuvenating that is for a mother of young children. I felt beautiful, and I could actually enjoy my food. I didn't have to say over and over, "sit in your seat and eat your dinner."
This was the best part of the ship. The pool in the back where you could lounge in the sun over looking an endless ocean.

uIt was so fun getting dressed up for formal night. This is as formal as we got, but it was still fun to feel fancy and strut around and eat delicious food!

What a cute couple! 35 years of marriage!

St Martin

Peter and I were so happy to get off the boat and explore the beaches. We had fun seeing some dutch architecture and the fun Caribbean signs.

Peter's treasures

Peter and I had so much fun playing on the beach. We ran races and did push ups in the sand. Then we would dive off the dock and swim back to shore over and over (occasionally stopping to pick up a sea shell off the ocean floor). It was so much fun!
I cannot tell you adequately how much Peter enjoyed diving for shells. I think all his many years of childhood living far away from the ocean were all made up for on this one day. I just sat and watched him splash around. It was really cute.
You can't really see, but this little girl was hilarious. There were lots of kids playing and swimming around the dock Peter and I were diving off of. This little girl would tease the older teenagers and they would just shove her off the dock, into the water. She just got back up every time.

Our 1/2 hour jet ski trip turned into and hour and a 1/2. They overcharged us so we didn't feel too bad. They said to stay in the little bay area and they would come get us when out time was up. They never came to get us. When the sea salt and sunscreen in our eyes became too much we decided to give the jet ski back.

St. Thomas
I LOVE ST. Thomas! It was so beautiful! Little lush green island mountains springing up out of the water.
We went to Blackbeard's Castle--a pirate fort. It was fun to Sea the beautiful islands from up above. I got up close to the huge vat of Rum brewing for days in the open air. How many flies end up in a bottle of rum? Ironically, Rum is one of the cheapest liquids on the island. A gallon of milk supposedly costs $10, while a bottle of rum is only $3. Sad.
Climbing up the pirate tower
I was tempted to get this shirt to wear around the house to put some fear into my children, but since they can't read that well yet, I decided to just take a picture.

Our ship in the distance
All the pirate fun
I could live in this house. You can't see in the pic, but the doors open up to a beautiful ocean view.
Peter's new friend

Peter really wanted to got o Coral World--an aquarium in St. Thomas. Because I love him, and because he is such a good sport to dance with me whenever I want, I obliged.

In the end I was glad we went to coral World because it was right next to this amazingly beautiful beach that had a great little place to go snorkeling. It was a perfect day!

On ST. Thomas they drive like the Brits--opposite side of the road as we do. The only problem is they have American cars with steering wheels on the curb side of the street.