Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine

This is the sweet view I get to see when I get Kimball out of bed. The bumper has a little wet spot where Kimball was chewing on it. He's such a little puppy!

Cute little sick boy

We all got a little stomach flu this week, and on Friday Joseph was feeling pretty worn out. I put a movie on for him while I went to clean the bathroom, and when I came down to check on him he looked so cute on the couch. He allowed me to take a few pictures but after a few minutes he said, Go away mommy, go clean the bathroom, I'm sleeping."

He's so cute

I don't know how we managed to get the worlds cutest boys, but we did. Kimball is such a big, happy baby. He's always able to make you happy with that big smile!

Catching Joey

We took the boys to the aquarium and Joseph loved to see the sea lions and look at all the fish. Kimball, on the other hand, couldn't have cared less about the fish. All he wanted was Joseph. I was trying to hold the big 25 pound lug, and all he wanted to do was dive for Joey's head. Needless to say, I'm getting some pretty tough arms.

I'm so glad when Daddy come homes

Duckbill Platapus

Picking out treats

Since Joseph no longer takes a nap, I have to bribe him to stay in his room and play for an hour and a half so I can have a break and get stuff done. After he's released from his toddler confinement, he gets to pick a treat. And he is so funny. He will sit there for 20 minutes and mull over each piece of candy until he finds the precise one he wants to eat. And you can just see the excitement on his face when he finds it!

I pooped on the toilet!

Joseph has successfully pooped on the toilet 5 times now. He thinks it's so cool. He will sit on the potty for half an hour and look at his book until he finally gets it out. I haven't fully started potty training, but I'm glad Joey has done so well so far.

Crazy Joey

Joseph is such a silly boy. One day he got the long candle and was running around the house with it. Every time he passes Kimball he would "knight" him on the head with the candle. Kimball thought it was pretty fun because he always thinks it's wonderful when Joseph gets close.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

No more baby food!

Kimball refuses to eat anything we have to feed him with a spoon. He will only eat things he can pick up and eat himself. There's no more disguising pureed veggies into his fruit.
At least we were able to sneak in some tomatoes on his first slice of pizza :)

Playing in the snow

Joseph loves his little friend (our next door neighbor) Sariah. Joseph woke up Tuesday morning and just stared out the window at the snow and repeatedly asked to play with Sariah in the snow.

Bath Time Fun

Joseph and Kimball are so cute when they're both nakie and in the tub. I love all those little cheeks. Joseph is becoming more tolerant of sharing the tub with Kimball, and he even thought it was fun to wash Kimball up. Now we just have to get Kimball to stop diving for his toes and swallowing huge mouthfuls of bath water.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cute Kimball

Kimball loves to jump like a wild man in his exersaucer. It sounds like he's going to break it to pieces.

He also loves to take baths. When the boys are in the tub, Joey loves to lay down and splash and Kimball loves to try and catch his flailing legs.

Grandma's House

Tonight Joey grabbed his backpack, packed it up, and then said he wanted to go on the airplane to grandma's house. So Peter made some airplane seats for them and they "flew" to grandma's. If only it were that easy!

Are we really in Buffalo?

This week we had 3 days where the temperature was in the 60's--it didn't feel like January in Buffalo. Joey, Kimball and I had fun going for walks and playing outside.

Snuggle Time

It was a rare, sweet moment when I actually got to snuggle with Joseph, and then a few days later, with Kimball (Kimball was technically asleep, but he was still snuggling). It was so wonderful since neither of them EVER snuggle. I made Peter get the camera so I could have proof that the event actually took place :) And of course, the picture with Kimball was deleted :(

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Best Friend

Megan and Simon got a kitty for Christmas and Joey fell in love. We'll have to get him a pet someday.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Random Fun Times

We Took a Train ride and rode TRAX downtown to see the Church History Library. Joseph loved being on a train!

Joey and Kimball loved playing with their cousins. It was fun to see Rachel and Kimball together, and see how similar they are (which makes sense being cousins who are only 11 days apart). Joseph loved to laugh and be silly with Megan and Simon!

We also got to be there to see Melissa open her mission call (Nashville TN--YEAH). We were glad it arrived when it did -- 30 minutes before we flew back to Buffalo. We gave her a "farewell to freedom party" :) the night before by putting pink highlights in her hair--crazy girl!

Lights on Temple Square

We were able to go downtown and see the beautiful lights. We didn't stay too long because it was freezing, and Kimball was too heavy for us to carry around :)