Saturday, August 31, 2013

Memomrial Day Family Triathlon and lunch

This memorial Day I was really missing the Captextri in Austin Texas.  So i decided to make our own family triathlon for anyone who wanted. It was really fun to have our boys do their first mini tri. They did a great job and it wss fun to do it together. 

We had some friends from the ward join us in the fun adventure.
We did the bike, run, and then swim.

 Tionne got tired so I carried him through the "run. It is definitely more of a jog when you're
pregnant and carrying a toddler :)
 We decided to end with the swim so all the kids (and adults) could cool off.
 Joey was pooped by the end
 My awesome girl I train, Michele Vercimack, did her own first tri and did awesome. I was so proud of her.

After a fun, early morning tri, we went to Errie's group home and picked her up for the rest of the day so we could all go take the rafts on the lake, eat and swim at the water park.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Congrats Joey to 531 pages!

 In May, at age 7,  Joey accomplished an amazing feat by reading all 531 pages of the Book of Mormon. I was so impressed that when his Grandma Taylor gave him the challenge to read it before his baptism, he stuck with it and worked REALLY hard. It was a lot of work for everyone, but I am so grateful we had that experience. I would often sit along side Joey while he read and we would be able to have amazing discussions about the gospel. It was great to get to teach him/explain so much doctrine at such a young age. Peter was a great help and even when living in Phoenix would call and have Joey read to him on the phone so that Dad could help explain.

We are so proud of your great accomplishment Joey!

Here is a quote from Peter about how Joey just seemed to know.
"One evening shortly after Joey had finished the Book of Mormon, I started talking to him about how impressed with him I was.  I also started talking to him about the opportunity to know for himself that the book is true and of God by asking Him in prayer.  Before I could even finish explaining the process, he cut me off by saying, "I already know it's true!"  I think I became somewhat speechless and didn't know what to say, but I remember feeling so grateful in my heart to see such a powerful glimpse of Joey's faith filled heart."

To celebrate the very day he finished, we went to Peter Piper Pizza and played lots of games.

 After the tokens were gone, the boys got prizes--a giant lollipop was the best. Preggo mom wasn't feeling good and spoiled the eating out, but we were able to go to  Mama's and bring home yummy pulled pork and fires (while mom laid on the couch)

So I think this is the cutest thing. He sleeps like a little angel

First day of church for these handsome boys. Mom's first day of washing and combing out little black hair. Joey loves pictures as you can see.

Cute Boys

 Tionne is a serious fish. He LOVES the water and wants to get as much of his little body as he can in it, under it, or at least wet from it.

 It's so fun to see all the boys playing, laughing and having fun together!

One day Kimball came home from kindergarten and asked me if I knew what a rapper was. I told him yes and asked him if HE knew what a rapper was. He then said, "yes, they do this." And apparently, this is what rappers do--no words, just posing :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

New Son--Tionne's first day

From my journal May 13, 2013 (the day after Mother's Day)

Wow, I'm tired. I don't know how to get an active 2 year old to bed :)  He and Peter are snuggling and watching a movie right now while we wait for him to crash.  He didn't want to stay in his bed.  His name is Tionne (Tee-on)

So, it went well picking him up from the shelter.  He came right to me and gave me a hug. After a few instructions from the CPS worker, we walked out.  I put him in the car seat  not knowing how he would react.  When i buckled him up he got a strange look on his face and I got worried something was really bothering him.  Then he said, "it's hot."  :)  So i quickly started the AC--it was 95.  As we started to drive away he got excited about a bus he saw, and then the whole way home we looked for trucks and buses.  I was so relieved. He seemed like he was fine.  A little nervous, but not too traumatized. He even asked me to turn up the music in the car :)

We came home and he ran right for the trains, and he has been laughing, smiling and playing ever since.  He loves cars and trains, loved jumping on the trampoline, jumping off the couch with Kimball and Joey, and wrestle time.

Peter drove back from Phoenix to save me for the night. When he opened the door the boys yelled, "dad's home."  Tionne immediately said, "hi daddy," and has been calling him daddy ever since.  he calls me mommy now, but keeps asking, "where's my mom?"  I still don't know what I'm supposed to say to that.

But he is a sweet little angel with a beautiful bright smile. He seems to fit perfectly here (as perfect as fostering can be).  We love him already.

He finally crashed on the back swing at 9:30

3 month rotation in Phoenix

 April May and June were some difficult, but very blessed months for our family. Due to Peter's rotation, he had to get an apartment 2 hours away from our family up in Phoenix. We were sad to have him gone during the week, but we're so happy for the sacrifices he was able to make on some days to surprise us and drive that long drive twice in 1 day to be home.
We spent one weekend up  at Peter's studio apartment while I attended a fitness conference in Phoenix to get my CEU's. I was so glad we did not all try to live in that little apartment together.  We would have all gone crazy!

President Thomas S. Monson has reminded us often of the promise of the Lord to His faithful disciples: “And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.”12
There is another way you and I have felt Him grow closer to us. As we give devoted service to Him, He draws closer to those we love in our families. Every time I have been called in the Lord’s service to move or to leave my family, I have come to see that the Lord was blessing my wife and my children. He prepared loving servants of His and opportunities to draw my family closer to Him.
I felt VERY much the blessings of Heavenly Father to watch over us and keep us safe. I was surprised by how "not even a little scared" I felt at nights--usually I can't stand when Peter's not home at night and constantly check doors etc. But I could literally feel the angels who protected and guarded our home.  We were truly blessed!
baby bump

Mother's Day 2013. My baby bump was getting a nit bigger and the boys were starting to rub my tummy.  I got spoiled with flowers and yummy foor, rest, and lots of coupons for pampering and cleaning in the future.  I love my boys!