Sunday, July 19, 2015

May--Mother's Day

 It was a great Mother's Day getting spoiled with breakfast in bed and lots of sweet little notes and cards from all my favorite people

 I still can't believe I went from 2 kids the last Mother's Day, to 5 kids!  I sure felt like I was mothering to the max of my abilities. Actually way beyond my abilities, but I had some serious Divine help because it was beyond what I could do alone.
I sure love those kids and Im very grateful to be their mother!!

 Noah started to love cheerios once he discovered them

 My yummy mothers day meal--creeps--my favorite tradition

 He somehow managed to get the straw down his shirt, and it was perfect! He couldn't drop it, so he constantly had something to chew/suck on.

 All Girl!  Errie loved to dress up and sing and dance to the FROZEN movie. We had to make sure the big boys were playing somewhere else so we didn't have to hear their moaning about how much they "loved"  that girl movie :)

 Its a good thing your dads a dentist when he can fix your braces with pliers in the downstairs bathroom

snuggle bug

Joey was a great help when he wanted to feed Noah his baby food

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