Sunday, July 5, 2015

Field Day and Sibling Love

 Joey and Kimball had a great time doing all the field day activities at Great Expectations Academy. We sure miss that school!

 We took the boys out to lunch afterward

We were so excited to have a little visit from Camille and Jake and cousins!

 Sweet little Noah and Errie who loves him so much. When we created a reward system for good behavior at school, I asked Errie to pick 5 of her absolute favorite rewards that she could choose from. Sweet Errie decided that holding baby Noah was one of her favorite rewards.

 Another reward that Errie choose was making donuts

This cute little baby started rolling over right about 3 months.  This was earlier than I remember Kimball rolling, and especially Joey.  Jpey was so chill, he was content to just sit and observe.

 getting chubby!

rolling over
 cute baby

 Noah and I got to join J and K at school for the family read day for Dr. Seuss's birthday. We read about monster trucks

 Joay and Noah have a special little bond. Their temperaments seem very similar to me

Noah's first experience typing on the computer. He loved it! Following is his first typing job

There's nothing better than a nakie baby love getting ready for a bath

 Yumm, we tried bacon wrapped chicken

 Since J and K felt super left out when E and T would go to parent visits and get treats, we decided to have some chocolate caramel popcorn with J and K during one visit.

 more brother love

Kimball really snuggling with Noah

Haha, Joey was apparently sick of the essay questions they always asked in common core math, so one day when asked how he came up with the answer and what method he used he said, "My brain. I already knew it."

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