Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweet Boys

Many times in the craziness of day to day living, I forget how incredibly sweet my boys are. I am so grateful for reminders of their goodness.

Yesterday one of the moms from Kimballs preschool came up to me and said, "Kimball is such a sweet-heart." (now this is the boy that I was worried would get explelled from preschool because there was a month where he was getting sent to "the principal's" office everyday for kicking, hitting and biting other kids. He was so sick of me giving him the "you need to be kind to your friends talk" everyday on the way to school. Well something finally clicked--maybe it was the donut bribe for being kind for 8 days in a row. Whatever it was, he is a very different boy)

So, back to the story. Hayla's mom said that on Monday her daughter came home from school and said, "Mom, Kimball is the nicest boy in the whole world!!! Today we were running and we crashed, and I fell and banged my chin. And Kimball stopped--he didn't just keep running. He stopped and picked me up and said sorry and asked if I was ok. And boys don't do that. Kimball is the nicest boy ever!"

It was so sweet! Another mom also told me how kind Kimball is to her baby girls. On the day of the Easter Egg hunt, Kimball came over and gave a precious, candy filled egg to each of the twins.

Ahh, it just makes my heart happy to hear that. That may not be the side I see all the time, but it was a good reminder to me to look for that side more often. To seek out that good and know I have been blessed with two amazing boys!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Christmas Eve

We continued the Taylor Tradition and had the boys earn money by doing jobs. They then got each other a present to exchange on Christmas Eve. We were lucky enough to have Batman with us that evening.

Our yummy Christmas Eve Feast with Sally, Joe, Caleb and Ella. I think Peter was telling Kimball to get his hands out of the desert in this picture.
Kimball was so excited to drink sprite--the sprite-cranberry juice cocktail
Our little attempt to do the Christmas Story of the birth of Jesus. It was fun. At least the kids heard the scriptures :)

Then, the highlight--eating those candy houses and train!