Monday, July 18, 2011

Kimball's 4th Birthday

Kimball's giant cookie cake. It was sooo yummy!

Bear sleeping bag

Kimball and preschool teacher Mrs. Melissa. Kimball loved having preschool in her home.

Decorated house when Kimball got home from school.

Kimball was so excited for his Hot Wheels race track! Finally someone made a magnetized track and car so the car can always do the loops!

Since Kimball is obsessed with taking things apart and building, I was so excited to find this great truck that you can build and rebuild over and over. Joey had fun squeezing the wrench on his nose.
Playing with the cool new water squirter

Oh, dear Kimball, Happy Birthday! I can't believe you are already 4!!! You have grown up so fast. You continue to have such a bright, happy personality. I love to hear your deep belly luagh and am so grateful it comes so easily from you! You also continue to be one of the loudest people I know :) We could never loose you in a crowd.
You are very sweet. You love to sing. The other day we were in the pool and you jumped on a float and started kicking towards us singing at the top of your lungs in a "monster" voice, "I know that my Savior loves me." Your favorite songs are ABC and "the temple song." I love watching you in your sunbeam class during primary singing time, singing your little heart.
You have a very tender heart and love the temple. One day out of the blue, as we got back to the house from the pool you said, "Mom, can me and Joey go to the temple so we can be with Jesus?" You often ask me about the temple and if Jesus is inside. I can't wait until you're 12 and we can go together. But I hope it doesn't come too fast because I love the sweet little boy you are right now.
You also love the missionaries. You often ask me to the you the story about when you were a missionary. It is so cute! So I tell you about how Kimball grew big and strong and was such a good missionary and taught lots of people about Jesus. I know you will be an amazing missionary who will bring light to many people.
You love to be chased around the house. you love cereal for breakfast or anytime of the day. You eat constantly. Every 20 minutes you are starving again. You cannot wait for preschool to start. You ask me every day how many more days it is until you can start. You love to ride your bike and go for a run. You still have your chubby baby cheeks. I think I will cry when those go away. I love to kiss those sweet cheeks!
We love you Kimball!

Kimball's PreBirthday

The Saturday before Kimball's birthday, Joey had his first big boy birthday party where family isn't invited. Kimball was heart-broken that he couldn't go. Luckily Great Grandma and Grandpa Starkey came to the rescue. Kimball had just received his birthday money in the mail and so we told him he could use it to go to Peter Piper Pizza with mom and dad while Joey was at his party. He had such a great time playing the games! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Starkey!

Kimball got first place in the car race. I don't know who was more excited, Kimball or Peter.

After playing lots of games we went to chick fil a for a yummy lunch

Joey's School Birthday

Joey's sweet teacher gave each of the kids with summer birthdays their own special day to celebrate at school. It has to be store bought, so Joey picked out a buzz light year cupcake cake. He was so excited. Kimball was ecstatic that he could go and celebrate too.
Joey's class and teacher Mrs. Erikson singing happy birthday
The sweet girl who went and got Kimball a chair to sit in

They loved those nasty cupcakes :)
Kimball was in heaven getting to be with all the big kids. They all wanted to make him laugh. Luckily he's very good at that.
Why scissors should always be kept out of Kimball's reach. Apparently he was trying to get a lock of Kiki's beautiful tail fur.After loosing far too many blueberries to the backyard birds, Peter built this great net covering.

Kimball's curiosity to take things apart

CapTexTri II

Arriving in Austin the day before.
All the girls doing their nails for a little team spirit

Jennifer and I just had to get the nails and the 30's picture :)
Peter, Lindsay, Lorena Lieshman (Mother of 5 beautiful daughters, in her 40's, doing her first triathlon!), Jennifer Linford
Celebrating victory at the end!

Peter wanted to try shaving his legs to see if it would shave any time off his swim. I think his legs were smoother than mine :)

I came home with these bad boys. My one goal for this triathlon was to knock off some of my transition time. I always take my sweet time in transition, which ends up adding a good amount onto my overall time. So, I was trying to be speedy this time. I was a little too speedy and didn't get my socks situated right. I could feel the stinging pain the whole run, but i wanted to keep going. I figured by the time I felt all that pain, the damage was already done, so stopping would just prolong the pain. I will now make sure my socks are always situated nicely before I run.

I am proud to say I was still able to beat Peter by 2 minutes. He'll beat me one day, so I have to enjoy it while I can :)

Peter swim, transition, bike, transition, run, overall

Lindsay's results

17:31 6:15 43:44
3:36 29:08








Little bit of nature

Here's some of the great birds that started coming to our backyard to get a bit of the birdseed we put out there.

One Sunday morning on our walk we spotted this big old guy. I rhinoceros beetle. He was just about dead when we picked him up, so he only lasted a day. It was fun finding out some some facts about it.

Joey loved coming outside with me in the mornings to watch the bees getting nectar and pollen fromt he flowers. It really is an amazing thing to sit back and just watch mother nature in action. Those bees are truly amazing!