Sunday, July 19, 2015

April 2014

 This little adorable bundle loved to eat his feet after we came back from a swim in the pool

 My cute little family gave me a great birthday

 He's just so cute!

  The Music Teacher at GEA put on a mother's day performance where each class sang and danced a special song to their mothers. It was so sweet!

 Then Kimball's class--Mrs. Hall--served their mothers a treat

 brother fun

 Multiple times we rescued lizards who got stuck on the glue traps in the garage (mostly meant for scorpions). We would very carefully pull them off the glue, making sure they didn't loose and body parts, and then rinse the sticky glue off.

 Kimball loves his baby brother!

 Noah did NOT like baing away from his mom. When he was in the kids club at the gym-while I taught my class-- he would scream hysterically until someone would bring him to me. He just wanted to to come teach with me. He missed all that loud music he heard while in the womb.

 Noah got to go on a lunch date with mom and dad. He loved the lemon
 Donut treats for doing well in school

 This is Noah's poop face.  All that jumping always worked it out. 

 Cute Kimballs drawing of his mom

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