Monday, February 9, 2009

Vita Mix

For our date night Peter and I stopped at Sam's to check out rings (I'm getting my first real diamond ring soon), and while we were there, some guy was doing a Vita Mix presentation. Peter and I were amazed at how delicious the foods were. We even had vegetable strawberry ice cream. Then, after learning that it cam grind wheat, make peanut/nut butters, we were sold.

So we went home that night and checked out the prices on the internet and discovered that this was a good deal we were getting. Not cheap, but totally worth it, so we went the next morning and bought one. To test out our new product we tried t copy the ice cream demo. We had Joey add the half and half, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, strawberries and ice. And the boys loved it! The first night it had a mild tomato aftertaste when it was a little slushy, but we freezed the left overs in Popsicle molds and when it was totally frozen you couldn't even tell. It was amazing! My boys were gobbling up veggies right before my eyes :)

Happy customer
I had to get a close up of this eye wound that Joey got. We made a hop scotch outside and when Joey got to the last square he kept right on jumping and rammed his head into the grill. I thought he had a serious concision, but was glad to see nothing else seemed wrong. Until 30 seconds later when blood started coming from the corner of his eye. I thought it was coming from some serious head injury and pouring out his eye. I had a momentary panic attack...planning how I was going to get to the hospital...when I lifted up his eye lid and discovered it was just a small cut. Jeeze, these kids will sure give you a heart attack!

So to help his wound, Joey used his own home remidy of applying lots of lotion daily to help it feel better. His scabage (as he calls it) went away quickly with his doctoring.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Creative Boy

Joseph has been learning and growing so much lately. It's been fun to teach him and do things with him. Sometimes he takes his creativity to whole new venues when I'm not even looking.

The other day I was in the bathroom getting ready and Joey walked in and said, "Mom, I made some hand prints!" My immediate response was, "Where did you make hand prints?" He then led me to my closet door where he had made some pretty cute little hands all over using lotion.
I then decided I better keep him a little more occupied which would hopefully keep the house a little cleaner :) so we made some fun shapes out of marshmallows and toothpicks. We made a square, triangle, diamond, octagon, and one pretty amazing house that Joey designed and built all by himself. I have no pictures of Kimball's creations because he ate all his building materials up before anything was officially built.

Oh, those cheekies!

Joseph and Kimball have a new obsession with lotion--they love to put it on. When they put it on their cheeks they look so cute! I had to get a picture of Kimball putting some on right after his bath. He looked so cute and that little face looked like that sweet baby again that is now growing up too quickly. I just want to squeeze and kiss that little face!

Joey had to get in on the action too. How did we get such adorable little boys?!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


So this is what it looks like when I attempt to do Yoga with the boys around. My body becomes a bridge, a stepping block or something to poke, prod or hug. I was able to blow off the attack with the happy thought that it was January and I was doing Yoga outside next to my palm trees :)