Sunday, March 28, 2010


Peter's new toy. It's hard to keep the boys away from it :)Hungry Hippos was a huge hit!
Trying out the new bikes in front of the house

Christmas scones were one of my favortie things growing up. It's fun to pass that along.

just can't wait

My new love sac and bike. I was VERY surprised! We kept the love sac and I felt guilty for weeks--we have never bought new furniture. The bike we returned and traded it in for two beauties I will show later.
I love garage sale toys!
Santa recycled Joey old bike for Kimball-smart man!

On Christmas Eve we brought chocolate pretzels over to all our neighbors. It was so cute to see Joey get so excited. He has always been an amazing giver with an extremely generous heart! He gets much more excited about giving things away then about what he's getting. He even chased two ladies down we had never met and gave them some pretzels. I love that sweet boy!
New toys from grandma to get those holiday wiggles out before Santa came!

I have to continue with the yearly tradition of taking pictures of the boys in front of Peter and I's first Christmas Tree. I love to see how they grow each year! They are very silly.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Clear Water Beach -- A Perfect Day!

We had so much fun going to the beach with some of the cousins. We went to Clearwater beach and played on the floury, white sand. It was a perfect day at the beach!Getting braver with Dad

Making castles with Ashley
cute little chubster--Aiden

Kimball's turn with the football.
Chasing cousin Cohen
Joey was brave enough to go in the deep water this time. He was so proud of himself and kept wanting to go farther and father out.

The guys had fun playing on the beach

Nick's kite that they tried to ride across the beach on.

The seagulls were horrible. They stole the sandwich right out of Joey's hand. Poor kid was scared to death and ate a spare under my lap for protection.

It was funny to see a picture of Santa on a jet ski
One tired boy