Monday, January 12, 2015

Desert Life

These are from one of our scorpion hunts. It's amazing how much they glow with the black light.  A little night time adrenaline rush cause you have no idea where these little killers are hiding :)

Another "Day Camping" adventure. By far one of my favorite ideas yet--all the fun of camping with way much less work and hassle. The kids love being up in the mountains and getting all dirty.

First the hike

Then a little kite flying and fire building

Roasting yummy hot dogs

Some digging and playing soccer and football. Kimball was dissapointed that my big belly prevented me from chasing after the soccer ball.

Then roasting marsh,allows and peeps--Yummm!

We technically weren't supposed to be the moutains because of the ridiculous governtment shutdown. We quietly protested by taking the backroad up the mountain and going around the taped off sections :)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Conference and Belly

 Making our tradition of 7 layer dip for General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

 Cute Errie learned about Johnny Appleseed in school and she was determined to grow a tree. I helped her plant a seed from an apple she ate and it actually started growing. She was so proud!

That sweet girl also took a rock and scratched up the table Grandpa Starkey made for me and the sliding glass door of our rental house.  Little momentoes.

That cute little boy was getting bigger everyday. Just over a month until he came.

Wheels, Belly, Fiesta Sahuarita

 We finally got Tionne and Errie their own set of big kid wheels. They were so excited to try them out.  Errie was so determined to learn how to ride that bike.

I kept trying to get a picture of the cute belly that was growing, but apparently your cant easily get the full effect from self-photos. Luckily Peter was able to capture the full growing belly.

We took the kids to the town'd big yearly festival--Fiesta Sahuarita. The kids were in heaven riding the school bus to the event, and then getting to do all the free activities of seeing the emergency vehicles, riding giant water slides, and the life size hamster balls.

 Joey and Kimball LOVED getting to do this. You would step inside the plastic and they would inflate it with a leaf blower and then let you loose on the water for 5 minutes. It was hilarious to watch!

 Then all those brave kiddoes went with Dad on the giant slide.  Me and my pregnant self just took pictures