Monday, July 6, 2015

Noah's blessing and Easter

 It was a great day to have Grandma and Grandpa Taylor there.  Right after the blessing, Peter, Noah and I took off for the airport to fly to Charleston for a job interview.

 Here's Noah's blessing:
Noah’s Blessing
January 19, 2014
Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Melchezedik Priesthood we take this infant in our arms to give him a name and a blessing. We give you the name of Noah Spencer Gurr. Noah, you are a special, valiant son of Heavenly Father and were sent here with a special mission and purpose to be a blessing to those around you.
You are blessed with a strong healthy body. Choose to live righteously and serve Father in Heaven. I bless you with this desire in your heart. I bless you with the desire to listen to the spirit and look out for the needs of others and help them.
I bless you with a desire to receive the priesthood, be baptized, serve a mission and share the gospel by example, deed and word. I bless you with a desire for an Eternal family of your own, sealed in the temple to an eternal companion.
I bless you to be a great strength to your family here on earth and others throughout your life; to follow your example.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Noah and his power naps. He had such wiggly legs. He's sleep for a tiny bit and aquirm his little legs out and wake up.

Errie did a great job on her Lion King performance at school!

 These bees swarmed our neighboors tree. It was pretty cool, but a bit scary

just hanging out with Dad

 For Easter, Peter and J and K and Noah and I were planning to drive to Utah to be with family and allow Peter to check out the work opportunities. Errie and Tionne were going to stay with a friends family so they could have their Easter visit with family. Akila was getting closer to getting the kids back so we wanted to allow them that bonding time. But unfortunately, right before we left for Utah, Aklia was imprisoned again for a very serious crime. I felt very strongly that I should stay home with E and T (on such short notice we didn't have time to get the judge's approval to take them out of state). So Peter took J and K, and I satyed home witht he 3 little ones.

So I told the Easter bunny to come to our house one day after school since we wouldn't all be home for Easter Sunday. He left a golden egg on the doorstep to let them know that he came early. Hopefully we'll never have another Easter separated

 On Friday I was a little bummed to not be all together as a family, so while E and T were at school, Noah and I saw Heaven is for Real. I've have never snuggled and kissed anyone that much in a movie theater before :)

Saturday the 3 little and I colored eggs. Tionne took a break to do some exercising

 Happy Easter with these super cuties!

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