Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We started off the day delivering for Meals on Wheels. We weren't able to the normal route that Kimball and I have, but instead were assigned to a few people who literally lived in shacks. We were very grateful to be able to help, and be reminded of just how much we have to be grateful for.

After that we went to the "in-law cousins" Joe's brother Ross and Amber's house for a yummy feast.
Kimball sitting with friend Anna McBride holding baby Ella

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Natural Bridge Caverns

The day before Thanksgiving we took the boys to a cave that is relativity close by. They didn't enjoy it quite as much as I thought they might, but they still had fun. I guess caves always seem a bit scary when you're that age.

hitching a ride down all the stairs

Below is Diamond River--a sparkling flow of stone
Cave Bacon--a family favorite.

Touchiness a formation. It was very hard to keep two excited boys from touching the formations the whole hour and a half. We explained that the oils in their skin are actually poisonous to the cave formations and stops them from growing. They mostly accepted this, but were so glad to have an actuallpiece they could safely tough.

outside the cave they had these super fun dinosaurs to play on


Peter and I came home from a date one night and when we checked on the boys we found Joey like this--stuck in the belly of the whale :)

He kills me! He even had the suspenders on. It took quite a bit of maneuvering to shimmy him out of that one. But miraculously, he stayed asleep.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Silly dog

so apparently our dog LOVES water. Every time we fill up any container with water--no matter how small--she tries to see how much of her body she can squeeze in to get wet. So one day we decided to fill up a big Tupperware and see what she would do. She loved it! She was soaking wet. I can't wait to take her to a lake one day.

The boys had a lot of fun just relaxing and playing together over the Thanksgiving break. Peter and I were questioning whether or not these were really our children, but we mostly just enjoyed the fact that they were actually having fun with each other for a really long time without fighting. It was wonderful!

They decided to rest a little in the toy room, and coaxed the dog in for some snuggle time. Then they went in the garage where Peter was painting away on our kitchen cabinets, and set up a little dinner party for their animals

a few days later I went to get Kimball a bowl of cereal and found him like this. He said, "I'm just really thirsty for milk mom." I thought he wasn't supposed to start that until he was a teenager.


The boys love climbing on our "whatever that is" in the backyard. He just looked so cute I had to take some pictures.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Air Show

I will always cherish the memories of my Dad taking us to the air show at his work--Pratt and Whitney. It is so fun to be in TX and live by Air Force bases so we can see the shows. The boys had fun seeing all the planes and going inside the huge carrier jet. The only bummer was waiting and hour in line just to get in. At least there was some good entertainment while we waited--a reinactment of a WWII battle scene, complete with bombing.
meeting the pilots

Kimball is my daredevil. He was fascinated by the parachuters and kept telling Peter he wanted to jump out of an airplane.