Monday, July 6, 2015

A big mix

 look at how cute he is playing at the park!

I went with my Dear friend Michelle Vercimak whom I trained (and her friend), to run a bubble glow 5K. It was a blast

 bubbles and glowing wands everywhere
  dad and baby tummy zerberts

 little does Joey know I will never let him buy an ipod...[evil laugh] :)   maybe after his mission

A sweet lady made tons of cookies and invited anyone who wanted to decorate Easter cookies in the park. Such a generous thing to do!

How do I get that thingy?

Kimball got the best roaring laughs out of Noah!

Planting flowers

I snagged Joey out of school one day after tests so we could have lunch date at Denny's--his choice. He put sugar in his butter.  It's so great to get to be the nice mom sometimes, and spend time with the kids individually (plus baby Noah)

 the pineagus--it looked to us like a giant pineapple growing an asparagus stalk

 Noah loved to eat his feet

umm, yuck!!

 Noah started really loving Rocky

We took the kids to the school fundraiser at McDonald's. On the way home it was chaos. Tionne started bawling that mom was holding Dad's hand and not his, and then Joey started throwing up in the backseat.  We are never going to McDonald's again :)

 Noah playing with the newspaper and standing on dads hand

 filling up the pool and then taking a movie break

 Noah would often bounce himself to sleep in the jumper. Allowed me a few extra minutes to exercise.

 Noah started to get too wiggly and strong for the bouncer. He would wiggle his way all the way out.

 Olive Garden lunch
 The beautiful blossoming saguaros--so amazing!

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