Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kimball's photoshoot

Now that Kimball is 2 I guess I can't call him my baby anymore. I love that he still has those big cheekies and big brown eyes. The other day Joey was talking to Aunt Camille on the phone about her new baby Ethan, and Joey said, "Well our baby is called Kimball." I guess he's still our baby until the next one comes.

Joey's photoshoot

I love taking pictures, especially of my boys, and Joey loves the attention of having his picture taken, are some pictures of this adorable, silly little boy. How did he get to be such a little actor?

Look at what's outside

Right behind our house are some trees, and then the golf course, so we get a lot of wildlife that we can watch right from our living room. So far we have seen squirrels, lizards, hummingbirds, butterflies, raccoons, a skunk and a fox. The boys love rushing to the windows whwn they spot something out there.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Town House (rental) 46 Serens Vista

I love all the windows and trees. it feels like we're living on the edge of a secluded forest.

Joey's room. It used to be Kimball's and Joey room, but Kimball would go bananas having someone in the room with him and wouldn't get to bed until 10pm. Now Kimball is sleeping in our huge walk in closet and both boys are finally getting plenty of sleep.

Our bedroom is huge. I even have a section for doing my pilates and yoga
I love this section of the house. The ceilings and windows are beautiful!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Pool

The Town House we are renting is right behind the Hilton and we can use their facilities. They have an amazing pool area. They have a perfect little kid pool that looks like a beach with waterfalls and Shamu. Behind that they have the regular pool and hot tub. Beyond that they have the lap pool.

It has been so nice to use the pools. The boys and I are at the pool all afternoon until Peter gets home from work. And I can have my own private lap pool any morning I want.

Here's a picture of our house taken from the pool.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 2-Year Birthday Kimball!

We had banana cream pie for our little banana loving monkey.

Kimball's favorite thing is homemade smoothies: orange juice, yogurt, frozen berries and banana.
Kimball developed the best method for blowing out candles

Happy Birthday crazy boy! You are such a wild and crazy kid. I just laugh and shake my head all day at the crazy things you do. You are non-stop energy, excitement, destruction, and noise. You are catching up quickly to your older brother and I am amazed at how strong you are. You can do almost everything Joey does physically. Hopefully you will start talking soon so your mouth can catch up with the rest of your body :)

Despite your near constant craziness and your daily attempts to beat up your brother, you are a very sweet little guy. You give amazing hugs--big bear squeezes with those big, chubby hands. You love little babies and are always trying to help them. You say great prayers and I love to hear you in the back seat of the car singing "HAPPY" (pretty much the only word you can say. You definitely make us happy. We love you so much and we are so glad you are ours!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Kimball is so funny when he sleeps. He cannot stand to have any of the nice, soft comfort things like blankets or stuffed animals in his bed. He will immediately throw those things on the floor. The only thing that can be in his crib are cars. I even found him using the car as a pillow.

First Sea World Trip

We finally got to get up close and personal with the dolphins. It is so amazing to reach out and touch one!

The Shamu show--Believe, was amazing. Very inspiring. I have gone twice and I can't help but cry every time. What really gets me is near the end of the performance they bring up a little boy from the audience and talk about his dream and tell him that he can do anything if he believes. Then they have Shamu jump out of the water right in front of him. Man, I can't even write about it without crying. It must be that training a dolphin/whale was always a dream of mind, but mostly, it's looking at these innocent little boys and hoping that they never loose that childhood innocense. I hope they always dream big and believe they can do whatever they desire, even touch a whale.

Joey was ecstatic to get to go on his first roller coaster ride. Kimball was a little hesitant, but maybe he'll get used to it after a while

Two very tired little boys

It was so fun to finally go to Sea World after talking so much about it with Joey. He was a little scared being so close to the dolphins. Kimball however, was ready to jump in the pool to get a hold of those dolphins. And they really seemed to like him.