Monday, March 30, 2009

Snuggle Time

It is so nice on those rare moments to get to snuggle with the boys!

I love this cute little thing that Kimball does. When I kiss one of his hands, he'll hold out the other one for me to kiss too. He just seems like a little prince whose so used to getting kissed by adoring fans.


Kimball is such a little boy! He is non-stop getting into everything, making messes, and preforming heart-stopping feats. Joseph was so much calmer. I think I call Kimball a rascal too often because now Joey has started calling him that every time he gets into something.

He makes cooking so much more difficult because he is always trying to grab things off the counter--like chocolate baking squares.

Here is some evidence of when the boys almost lost their lives :) Within a weeks time I had to thoroughly clean the toy room three times. The first time was when I was getting the boys ready for their bath and Kimball ran naked into the room and pooped all over the carpet and somehow managed to make a 5 foot long track in the carpet and get the train table smeared as well.

Then a few days later, Kimball got the shampoo and conditioner out of the bathroom and squirted it all over the train table and carpet. Then the next day Joseph helped Kimball get the soap that I had purposely placed out of his (Kimball's) reach and they both went in smeared the toys again. They both spent quite a long time in their rooms that day!

Spring Fun

I was amazed to see the trees blossoming in February! That sure didn't happen in Buffalo! It has been so nice to have a mild, pleasant winter and enjoy a very early spring. All the trees have grown their leaves back and we are ready for summer to start.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was wondering if we would ever see the snow here. It snowed for 15 minutes the second week of February. It was an unusually cold and windy day. I loved watching the snoe, but as soon as we walked outside and felt that bitter wind I realized I can really be happing living with out the snow and cold.Joey's artwork while watching the snow
Because of the cold day, we decided to go play somewhere inside.
The Insights Kids Museum downtown is having a temporary display of dinosaurs so Anna and Bobby and I took the boys to see them. It was a lot of fun because the dinosaurs were they seemed so lifelike. All the boys were really apprehensive at first because the first dino they saw was the big, roaring T-Rex. After a few minutes of coaxing and showing them the robot skeleton and explaining that it was just a big toy, they finally were able to walk around all enjoy seeing the other dinosaurs.
tThe boys loved getting to push the buttons and move the mechanical skeleton.

New naptime Rules

For a few weeks now, every time I go to get Joseph out of his room, he has shed all of his clothing and stuffed it in the toy cabinet. We now have some rules about keeping clothes on at all times. You can only be naked in the bath tub is the rule.

Valentine's Day

We took Joey for his first visit to the dentist on Friday the 13th! Luckily we knew the guy :) The real reason we went that day was so we could heart attack dad's office. They boys had fun cutting out tons of hearts all morning and then taping them to the walls when we snuck into Dad's office. Joey did great at his check up.
We had a really nice and relaxing Valentines Day this year. We started off the day with some huge chocolate covered strawberries Peter got for me. Kimball seemed to think they were for him though. Then we went to Denny's and got a big, yummy breakfast. That whipped butter is just about the best thing ever made!

Then we came home and sat our big belly's down and watched Madagascar ("The Tiger Movie" as Joey calls it).

Then I got to go running all by myself. I love that! I don't know why I never tried that before. Probably because I never had an ipod before.

While all the boys took a nap I decorated the table with hugs and kisses and little presents for them. They loved the treats and I got lots of smooches as a result.

We ended that day watching FIREPROOF, and amazing movie Peter's dad recommended. If you haven't seen it, go watch it! It's amazing!

This is how Joey exited his room after nap time.
I seriously wonder what that little boy does in there :)

I got this yummy idea a couple of years ago and since I have always wanted to make stuffed strawberries. So I whipped cream cheese with cream and powdered sugar and stuffed it into cored strawberries. The original idea was to coat them in chocolate first but I was too tired to try--next year!

Picnic in January!!!!

I was so excited that it was such a warm day that we took our lunch outside and had a picnic in January! I love the weather here! I never want to live in Buffalo again :) !!!

Love Berry

Ever since Grandma brought some of Grandpa Taylor's blackberry jam, Joseph has been obsessed with anything blackberry. The other night Peter and I were out on a group date with our friends and we went to a yummy new Italian restaurant. We got this amazing mousse for dessert and ate it all up in a few minutes. As we were leaving, Peter started packing up a to go box and we all started laughing. I was wondering what he was doing because we had eaten all our food. Peter opened the box and showed me the big blackberry and said, "It's for Joey, he loves blackberries."

What a sweet Dad!

Late Night Fun

A few weeks ago we had our good friends, Anna and Bobby and their son Cameron, who live two doors down from us over for dinner. After we ate and put Kimball to bed, Joey and Cameron watched a movie while we played Mexican train. It was a lot of fun. Can you tell that it was late and the boys were really tired?


These boys love to eat the dough of anything. Of course cake and brownies are always the best, but they also love to snitch the bread dough when it's raising.