Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy 30th Peter!

Peter finally joined me in the land of the 30 year olds :) I kept trying to get him to do something wild and crazy, but he's just not that kinda guy (which is fine by me). We still need a crazy bowling party.

I surprised Peter with a couples massage. Then for dinner we went to the most amazing steak house--Ruth's Chris. The food was amazing! I'm salivating just thinking about it.
On Sunday we had our friends the Ciccarello's over and Peter asked for his favorite foods. We had pecan crusted salmon, avocado rice, and a berry pie and incredible edibles for dessert. He did have to make the pie crust himself since he is so good at it,
but I made the 30 for him on top :)

Water guns for backyard fun

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Texas Spring--Blue Bonnets

Texas is incredibly beautiful in the spring. The end of March and beginning of April brought the most beautiful wildflowers. The highlight of those being the Texas Bluebonnets. We drove down south of the city and looked at the never ending fields of wild flowers. We finally stopped at the only field we could find that wasn't fenced off. We ate a picnic dinner and took tons of pictures of the colorful flowers.

Peter finishing off everyone's sandwiches--a dad's gotta do what a dad's gotta do.

I love those boys!

This was the best family picture we could manage

This was a picture for Peter. As you can see by the look on my face, it's a little awkward for me to be posing all by myself--where are my cute crazy boys to keep me company.

how romantic

sand is waaaay better than flowers when you're a boy

"I wuv you dad!"

In daddy's arms--I love how Joey looks so small and protected in his father's arms
trying to get a kiss

flowers for mom--I love it

There's nothing better than little boys running down an old country road

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Square Foot Gardening

Here's my beautiful flowers from my hubby
First signs of spring: our peach tree and raspberries

Our first seedlings--peas.
Then we had a very rare "snow fall" here in San Antonio. I actually did see some flurriess, but it was mostly hail that fell. Good thing we planted our seeds in portable containers so we could take them in out of the cold.
Building the actually beds. Peter had some great helpers with really strong muscles!

David was our drill pro. He did give up on us as soon as I pulled out my smoldering compost. The foul smell of rot was just too much for the poor guy. He attests my toughness to all the stinky diapers I have changed. I think I'm just tough--diapers or not :)
This is the last picture with my beloved camera. Joey really wanted a picture of him roasting marshmellows. Trying to be a good, loving mom I went and grabbed the camera. For some reason I grabbed all the skewers and brought them in the house, but somehow managed to forget the camera. That night we had about 4 inches of rain. I still shed a tear when I think about it.
Now all our pictures look like this. The outside pictures are just a blur of white. :(
Bye camera--I will always have fond memories of you.

Hand Foot and Mouth

For two weeks we were quarantined in the house to not spread the horrible virus. The boys had huge blister sores all over their mouth and throat. They were in constant pain. One blessing was having my brother David visit. He came for some dental treatment from Peter, and ended up saving my sanity by helping me take care of the boys. Playing with Uncle David was the best part of those two weeks!The ONLY thing these boys could tolerate to eat was Popsicles. They would cry just trying to drink water. Poor kids!
When David wasn't home to chase the boys around the house for hours--their favorite thing to do with David; I had to find ways to entertain them all by myself. We looked up some things on the internet and made some aquariums, and froze ice cubes to strings. I love preschool science!

David was a great baby stitter. He saved me and allowed me to excape from the house when I needed to exercise, get some more food, and go to the Dr.. Thank you David! We miss you!