Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yearly Traditional Christmas pics in front of the tree

This is what happens when you put two cute, totally silly, energetic boys together and try to take a nice memorable picture. I will always love these two crazies :)
Within 5 seconds they already knocked over the tree.

Yes, Joey is wearing his Mario Cart t-shirt backwards. I just needed a plain looking shirt for the pic.

Adorable, silly Kimball trying to make every face he could think of

It was even cuter than normal that Joey was missing his front tooth at Christmas.

playing air guitar

Cute boys

One Sunday, the Gurr family decided to fast for cousin Ethan's eye to get better. I told Joey and Kimball that they are too young to go without food, but they could help fast by not eating any treats or sweet things. That morning Joey found a big chocolaty cookie and lollipop (that someone from meals on wheels sent home for him) that he forgot to eat earlier this week and told me he wasn't going to eat it so he could fast. He's such a great kid!

Kimball is obsessed with shorts! When we go to the gym I always wear capris and he gets so mad because I won't let him wear shorts in December and January. This is what he did one day in protest--rolled up his pants. He looked so cute. I don't know how this outfit came together, but it worked for that day. ;) We left happily for the gym.

Christmas prep (a few months later)

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year! We love decorating. Putting up the tree and the train and of course, the great Santa hats!
Putting up the lights outside is always so much fun!

In early December Joey got his first loose tooth. He was so excited because almost every other kids in his class had already lost multiple teeth.

Our neighboorhood winter wonderland where the kids can run around, play games, and eat all the cookies and hot chocolate they can stand. They even had fake snow this year. We brought some cute cousins along with us this time :)

We also went to Sally and Joe's and decorated gingerbread houses. Sally was so nice and made real "from scratch" ginger bread for everyone--even shaped it into a house. Then we all bought ridiculous amounts of candy and Sally and I and the kids were in heaven. Peter was disgusted. Just kidding, but that dentist part of him never quits--even on holidays :)

You can't tell that the kids love candy, can you?

group pic of all those yummy houses. Mmmmmm

Joey and Kimball were so excited to finally be able to eat them!

Family Pics in the Bluebonnets

Two Sundays ago we took a little walk after church to take some pictures in the bluebonnets. We only walked for 2 minutes before we spotted this great spot. I LOVE spring time here in Texas! It was overcast and the glare was so strong, which is why Joey's eyes were always closed and the rest of us were squinty.

Cute, silly boys--posing and trying to see how pokie the cactus really was.

Cute Joey was so excited for the one wild bluebonnet that started growing in our front yard. We protect it well. One fact Joey taught me that he learned in school is that is is illegal here in Texas to pick a bluebonnet. Funny, but it keeps everything looking amazingly beautiful this time of year. Peter always gets some great scenery here in San Antonio for his birthday.