Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting ready to move

I guess we haven't officially announced it yet, but we are moving to San Antonio on Saturday, May 30th. Peter found a great new job there working for a company called the Smile Center. We are looking forward to a better income to pay off those hefty student loans. We are also very excited to have more trees and water. Joey is especially excited that we will be right next to Sea World, and we're all very happy to finally get to live by family. Sally (Peter's sister) and Joe and baby Caleb will be moving there 2 weeks after we arrive--YAY! Joey was having fun packing up Kimball. I was surprised he could actually lift him since Kimball is so heavy--only a pound or two less than Joey.

Wrestle mania

The boys have a lot of fun wrestling in the living room. At least until someone gets hurt.

Wipe obsession

Kimball is totally obsessed with wipes. he has to have one all the time. He will wipe his nose, clean off his dirty feet,wipe the wall, or just put it on his head. Kimball even gets Joey to join in the fun. Almost everyday I find the whole container of wipes spread all across the floor.

Poor, Sharing Kimball

Kimball loves to "scare" people with the snake. He was having fun scaring Peter when Joey got a little jealous of Kimball having the attention. Joey begs/whines for the toy and Kimball for some reason feels obligated to give it to him, and is so sad afterward. I had to end the video so you don't see us having to disciple Joey and hear that horrible whine when he doesn't get exactly what he wants, exactly when he wants it--ay-ay-ay!


We were a little late in making our annual pinata this year and didn't make it in time for the cinco de Mayo fiesta. Our goal was to make a dolphin since Joey is so excited to be moving to San Antonio and live right next to Sea World and the dolphins. Hopefully we'll finish that pinata before we move!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bye Bunnies

We have been needing to get rid of the bunnies before we move and I was sick of cleaning up all the poop pellets, so we posted them on craigslist. We had lots of interested people and gave them to a sweet family whose kids have been really wanting rabbits.

I was so impressed that the boys did so well with having to give the bunnies away. They were really cute during their farewell. Hopefully our next pet will be a dog--as soon as we get settled into our very own house.

Water Balloom fun

We had fun playing with water balloons and racing them along the back patio. I'm really going to miss our fun, little backyard here.

Swim Belt

Because I had got a knee injury while exercising, the Dr. banned me from all lower body cardio--that was so sad for me. So I started swimming again. I went to our community pool to swim laps (well, pull laps since I couldn't kick). I finally got the ok to kick after 1 month of not using my legs!)

Since swimming is the only cardio I can do, I have wanted to be able to swim at home. With our 3 foot deep, 15 foot across pool, that was not going to happen. I was starting to brainstorm and I thought if I could just tie a rope around my waist and anchor myself to the side, I could have my own ednless pool. I looked online to see if there was a swim belt that would be soft around my waist and I found this amazing invention. It's a bungee cord attached to a soft swim belt. It is amazing! Not exactly the same feel as swimming, but it is an amazing workout and only cost $15! I saved $19, 985+ by not buying one of those expensive current pools. And I love swimming in my own backyard surrounded by the beautifukl flowering trees and palm trees!

So, I love the show biggest loser. And everytime I swim I can just picture myself on the treadmill with Jillian trying to pull me back with the bungee.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun with the Davidsons

We were so happy to have sally, Joe and baby Caleb here for a long weekend. It made us even more excited to live by them in San Antonio. Now Joey says we are moving to San Antonio, "to live by Sally and Joe and the dolphins." He is so excited we will be living minutes away from Sea World.

We had a fun weekend together with 2 birthdays. Sally made an amazing cheesecake for Joe's birthday and Joey was amazed by it and wanted a candle just like Joe.

Happy Birthday Joe. I love that Caleb is helping you blow out the candle!

My Birthday was on Thursday and I got to spend the morning at the spa getting a massage and haircut with my wonderful friend Jasmine while Joe and Sally were so nice to watch their crazy nephews--Thanks! And after Peter treated me to the spa we had lunch. It was a good thing I had a great morning because I had to spend the afternoon at the DMV trying to renew my liscense which expired the next day. When I got there they told me the computers were down and that I wouldn't be able to renew, and that I would have to come back and retake the whole test like when I was a teenager. Where is the justice in that--on my birthday and all. So I just sat there and prayed that Heavenly Father would give me a birthday present of having the computers come back on. After and hour of waiting, praying, and playing and watching the rediculous disney channel shows with Joey, the computers finally came on I was a legal driver again! Thanks Heavenly Father!
On Friday we had a party with our good friends and Peter loved that my cheeks were all puffed out.
Jasmine and William Keifer, Shirye and Chris Toleman
Sally and Joe and Mike and Bonnie Anderson

We all went to the zoo together and somehow we all ended up wearing brown and khaki--great minds think alike. I guess we were all ready for a safari.

Sally and Joe got to go out on the town for a birthday date and I got little Caleb all to myself :) It was so nice to get to hold such a sweet, little boy. He is so cute I just had to take lots of pictures! And for all the other siblings out there: if you come to visit us you will receive free accommodations and free child care (just some incentives to consider)

Kimball really loved baby Caleb and wanted to kiss him and feed him all the time.

Backyard fun in the sun

The boys love playing with the squirt hose in the backyard
I love that Joey can sit there for an hour making "muddy water"
I love this little happy, mischievous face of Kimball's as he squirts Joey with the water...
but the smile goes away really fast when he gets squirted back

I think Kimball has been traumatized from all the times he has slipped and fallen on a wet floor. this is him paralyzed with fear that he will fall. He will not move an inch if his feet are wet. (I promise I do not torture them often :))


Joey is cute and funny when he wants to help Kimball. The other day the boys were getting ready to go outside and Joey insisted on helping Kimball put his sandals on. I love Kimball's reaction. He just sits there with a look like, "what is the world is going on?," but he will stay perfectly still until Joey is done.
Joey also likes to help Kimball get undressed so they can hop into the tub. It's usually a nice help, but the other night he stripped Kimball down and then took off his diaper without realizing there was poop in it. They were in the other room so I didn't know what was happening until Kimball ran into the bathroom leaving a trail of poopy footprints behind him, but for once, Peter was home to help clean up the filthy mess!