Monday, September 28, 2009

Boys being crazy

Labor Day Celebration

It's always a great day when Dad doesn't have to go to work on a weekday. We were happy to have hi home for three days! We celebrated by going to the water park and Sea World and then having a yummy BBQ for dinner with Sally and Caleb and s'mores for dessert. We tried to convert out smoker (we think that's what it's called into a grill for the evening and it worked pretty well. We'll have to use firewood next time.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Pet

Since we are very unsuccessful fish keepers (we have killed many a fish over the past few years) we decided to get a hardier pet. I had been thinking about getting another pet for the boys when our friends the Gunnells came over and told us they had a cute little stray cat that one of their dogs attacked. They nursed it better and were looking for a home for him. We went and saw him and he was so cute, so we convinced Peter to let us keep him. He has been fun to have around. The boys love and torture that poor cat--mostly Kimball does the torturing but I guess that's what 2 year-olds do. We want to get the cat declawed, but I can't leave the poor cat defensless against Kimball :)
Tiger is a fun cat who seems kind of like a puppy. He follows us where ever we are in the house and loves to chase balls and toys around the house. He's also extremely playful and we've all gotten a few wiggly toes and fingers pounced on.

Peter and I got to eat Cafe Rio---YUMMMMMM! We need one here! I would go there everyday!
Poor Joey!!! While we were still at grandma's he had another episode which we think is an allergy induced asthma attack. We had to rush him to the insta-care. Poor kid threw up all over himself in the car (he seems to do that every time I am rushing him to the Dr. with breathing problems). As soon as we got there they checked his oxygen and it was only 85%, so they immediately put him on oxygen, repeated nebulizer treatments and a good dose of horrible tasting steroids. After about 4 hours of trying to get his oxygen levels stabalized we were very kindly allowed to go home to grandma's. Normally we would have had to go to the hospital, but we convinced them we would take care of him throughout the night. Now we will never leave on vacation without the nebulizer!

While Joey was stuck in insta-care, all the other kids had lots of fun playing in the flooded backyard for irrigation day. Next time we'll make sure Joey can play.
Mac and cheese lunch break
Megan helping Kimball ride the bike

Ensign Peak

While in Utah, Peter and I were able to escape from the kids (thanks to their wonderful grandparents!) and go on a date. We ate lots and lots of delicious meat at Rodizios, and then Peter surprised me with a little sunset serenade on top of (at least close to) the mountain. It was sweet and beautiful and it was great to be in the place where the pioneers came into the valley. To know that through all their excruciatingly difficult moments, they finally made it to that place prepared for them. To think that they didn't give up no matter what trials came their way. They remained faithful even though they experienced very difficult challenges while following the Lord.

Froerer Family Reunion in Huntsville

Going to Grandma Froerer's house in Huntsville is always a highlight of our trip to Utah. The boys love being on the farm and seeing the animals, playing with cousins, and going on the best swings in the world. The swings are attached about 40 feet up in the trees and you feel you stomach churn with every push--they're awesome!
Peter gets a little energy out with Mom.

Dad's underdogs are the best
The boys loved the swings!

This is another great thing about the house--an outdoor drinking fountain. Genius!
The boys loved watching the tractor load bails of hay while they pet and loved on the dogs.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trip to Utah--fun with cousins

We had a great time with family while we were in Utah. It was so fun because this was the first year that Joey really loved to play with his cousins. And did I say he LOVED TO PLAY WITH HIS COUSINS? It was so great to see the boys have a wonderful time with so many loving family members around them.

Grandma Froerer trying to out do Kimball's cry fest so we could get a picture of all the grand kids. It worked for a second and then Kimball was off again.

Two great grandmas: Froerer and Gurr
4 Generations of Froerers
Joey being silly for Great Grandpa Gurr
4 Generations of Gurr Men
Trampoline fun

One of our first adventures was taking the kids on a hike up to Donut Falls. All the kids loved hiking, and they had a blast eating lunch and doughnuts by the Falls. Great idea Grandma Gurr!

The Doughnut

Jumping on the trampoline is a definite favorite, especially for two wild and crazy boys

Eating one last picnic in the canyon before we had to leave. It is so beautiful in those mountains!
Cousins: Simon, Christian, Megan, Rachel, Joey and Kimball
Those cute little two year old bums!

Kimball, Rachel and Christian loved getting water out of the cooler. Christian didn't even mind getting a little wet by Kimball.
Megan, Simon and Joey had lots of fun jumping together!

Car Ramp

Here's the cool car ramp we made out of the roll in our area rug.

The beauty of a summer afternoon rainstorm

I love afternoon rainstorms, and so do the boys. We had a great downpour and the boys ran around in the yard and when they got too wet, they stood under the front entry way and did a little rain dance to keep it coming. Hopefully it will put an end to the drought.