Sunday, January 29, 2012

Old ipod pics part 2

Before school started in September, we took the boys to "The Castle" to play games. we all had a lot of fun riding go-carts, bumper boats, and playing miniature golf. The best part was Peter climbing inside the windmill to retrieve a stuck golf ball.

Back to school peach pie :)
Kimball loves his little cousin Ella. he loves being silly and making her laugh!

My inspiration Joe. Joe is 71 years old the fastest speed racer I have ever met. He was a regular when I taught cycling classes at Babcock.
Poor Kimball! Back to school shots are no fun.

Old Ipod pics I forgot about :)

Back in July 2011, Joey and I both had our best friends move away. Alec Davenport was Joey's best friend, and the sweetest little guy a mom could ask for as the first school friend for her son in kindergarten. My dear friend Jennifer left soon after, so Joey and I went to Alamo Cafe to drown our sorrows in fresh of the griddle, buttery tortillas.

Joey and Alec after swim team practice

This is Joey's bribe for swimming the 25 yard backstroke at a swim meet. The 2 tortuous minutes across the pool seemed to be worth it in return for some "sugar donuts." I was impressed Joey never turned over on his tummy!

Kimball thought he was going to love getting splashed by the Atlantis ride at sea World until it it all went in his face. Then he wasn't so happy

This was Joey's first ever Field Day. It was a Fiesta theme so all the games had names in Spanish :) Kimball was so happy to be able to help do tug of war. It was killing him to sit and watch all the action happen without him.

When no one was looking I snuck Kimball over to play a game

Kimball was so cute posing for me in a field of the incredible wild bluebonnets that pop up in March.

Sweet letters for Dad.

Peter's car was totaled back in April of last year. He was taking Joey to school and had to stop at a red light. He was rear-ended by a teacher and this was the result. We got more out of the insurance $ than what we paid for the car almost 7 years earlier (thanks to a great Bishop in Rawlings, Wyoming).

I love my grandpa! Here is one of his many ingenious ideas. He got some jars, screwed the lids into a board, and hung his own little "small parts" organizer. So smart.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Little Things Matter

Today I dropped off Joey at his piano lesson and Kimball and I headed off to the library for our weekly trip. On our way to the library (at 4:35), Peter called to say he was headed home a little early. I asked Peter if he could just go pick up Joey from his lesson at 5 so Kimball and I wouldn't have to rush through the library like we usually do. Well, Kimball freaked out. He wanted to go with Dad to pick up Joey. (I think he just really likes the toys at Joey's piano teachers house). Peter heard the ranting over the phone and asked to talk with Kimball. After a few minutes of Kimballs pleadings, Peter turned the car around and headed for the library so he could pick up Kimball and take him to get Joey (and I could leisurely visit the library).

After fighting some crazy traffic and taking different routes, Peter and Kimball got to the Anderson's house. When they were walking to the front door Kimball looked up and said, "Dad, you did the good thing to get me. I'm going to be your friend forever."

I am so grateful for my family, and for a husband who is such a thoughtful Dad to pick up his son even when it seems like such a silly, little thing. Sometimes the little things are the most important.

Monday, January 2, 2012

When Peter's Gone

One day Kimball was watching Team Umizumi--a super cute math cartoon. It was apparently VERY intense. There was a little egg that was about to get smashed and Kimball could not handle the thought. This is his reaction on the 4th time of watching it. (He knows it will survive, but it remained that intense for him). SO cute.

The next thing was not at all cute. I don't consider myself a girly, squirmish girl. I've killed, even admired, many a critter in my lifetime. But there was something terrible that struck me with horrific fear about scorpions. The night Peter took the boys to the Father-Sons camp out I woke up in the morning and saw something out of the corner of my eye (in the tub). I looked over and realized it was a scorpion. I felt my legs turn to jello. I wanted to run screaming from the house. Luckily, it only took me a few seconds to regain at least partial control of my senses. I saw it was stuck in the tub, so I got a cup and bravely trapped it in there. I then spent the next 20 minutes in utter fear. Many people in Texas believe that scorpions always come in pairs, so if you find one in your house, you have to search until you find it's mate. So I very fearfully stood 12-18 inches away from the counters--so the mate couldn't sneak attack and kill me from under the cabinet. That was seriously one of the most frightening expereinces of my life. I stayed out of the house for the next 5 hours until Peter got home and showed me how easy those evil critters are to smash. I have now overcome a new fear! :)

When Peter did and interview we spent Saturday morning doing lots and lots of jobs so they could earn $ to go to the $ store and get a toy. They both picked out a finger skateboard and I got glow int he dark necklaces. For FHE Monday we went to the corner and got Slurpees at Valero and then jumped in the dark outside with the necklaces.

My final surprise when Peter was gone was stepping into my bedroom and feeling the strangest sensation underfoot. I looked around and saw a lizard scamper across the floor. Now compared to a scorpion, the lizard was a blessed guest. :) But still, I didn't want it in my house. I finally trapped it in my hands, and headed for the door to take it outside when the little guy chomped down on my finger. It didn't hurt too bad, it mostly scared me. I screamed--which brought two little helpers to my room. The three of us cornered him again and got him in a plastic bag so he couldn't bite me again. We got him outside and he changed from bight gecko green to brown.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

cute joey

Today Joey was excited to show me that the recipe for this months friend is CTR pretzels. He read me the ingredients:

1 teaspoon salt
2 1/2 - 3 cups flour (Joey read "Two, one, dash two minus three cups flour")

It still makes me smile uncontrollably when I think about it. I just love that he is a sweet, innocent, adorable boy!