Monday, November 15, 2010

First Race

The boys had their first race at the San Antonio Zoo. It was so cute to see all the little kids with their bibs and race numbers. The boys were so excited to race, but you can only see the excitement on Kimball's face.

We kept trying to get Joey to look at the camera and smile. After all our coaxing and patiently waiting, Kimball decided to take matters into his own hands and just make Joey smile. Those boys are so funny.

Another little blondie we met at the starting line wanted to hold Kimball's hand during the race. I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but Kimball was a little disgusted at that idea. Maybe it was the risk of being contaminated by strange little boy slobber.
Kimball and I at the finish line. Peter ran with Joey.
I love this man who unabashedly runs a race with his wife's pink purse!
Our two little winners! They did a great job!

After the race we got to meet the storm troopers, play at the beach, and have fun in the rest of the zoo.

feeding the lorikeets

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Funnies in the yard

Our beans grew crazy and Kimball standing behind it looked a little like Adam in the garden.

This squirrel loves to sneak some food out of our homemade bird feeder.

Making and tasting Jam

Joey and Kimball love to help me make everything. One day they helped me make a batch of jam. They loved taking turns wearing the monkey apron and stirring the pot (before it got too hot).

tasting the finished product

Saturday, November 13, 2010

cute little boys

He just looked so cute spilling his chocolate milk all over the table

The boys had a great time playing in the cul-de-sac in front of our house after a rain storm. They collected acorns and sent them down the gutter.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Corpus Chrisit Beach Trip

One picture I forgot to add. When we were looking for a spot on the beach we drove a little too far out and got stuck in the powdery sand. Luckily there were some guys with a big truck to tow us out.
We had a great overnight trip to the beach. The boys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going there! They ask all the time to go back. Here they are enjoying the view from the hotel balcony.And here is the jump session the boys had. Scroll down fast and you can see live action.

After jumping on the beds and looking out the balcony, we headed for the marina to eat some dinner. The boys loved looking at all the sailboats and watching the huge sea birds and pelicans.

We ate at Landry's Seafood, a restaurant in a converted boat right on the ocean.
Can you tell they were a little excited about the huge brownie sundae we got for desert?!
This is a result of a long day and too much brownie sundae. Joey's tummy was hurting too much for him to walk back to the hotel so he needed a lift from Dad.
The boys were fascinated with this art bus. In the front was a live band playing and the boys would stop dead in their tracks every time and just stare as it passed.
Checking out the water
All snuggled in. We blockaded Kimball in again with the ironing board, and Shamu acted as a great barrier reef between the two boys. Peter and I slept MUCH better this time time letting the boys share a bed. We decided it would be better for them to kick each other rather than us. Surprisingly they both slept really well.
The famous and much anticipated breakfast. The boys loved the Texas waffles, and we all loved the amazing view of the bay and sailboats.
Our favorite playground on the ocean. This is Peter trying desperately to spot his boys :)

Peter finally caught him
our camera takes great panoramic pics by automatically combining lots of pictures. We discovered how fun it was to get into each little picture.

Taking the ferry over to Port Aranssas. It is so fun to just drive your car up and head out over the water. You can get out of the car and watch the dolphins jump in the wake of the boat.
A huge ship we saw going through the pass

mud castles are so much fun

The dead stingray we found.