Saturday, October 25, 2014

We love Monsoon Season and all the rain

There's nothing like those awesome summer monsoon rains in southern Arizona!

A little late, but we got our 4th of July Sparklers

I love playing with these boys in the rain!

We had a lot of fun crossing the street in front of our little neighborhood and playing in all the muddy rain water.

 Joey LOVED the mud!

 Coming home and getting cleaned off was the hardest part

Lake Patagonia mini vacation

We were really needing a little vacation, so we took the boys for a weekend of fun at a nearby lake. Patagonia was the perfect little get away. The beach wasn't super soft, but it was a great place for little boys to play and explore.
Joey and Kimball and I swam across the narrow Lake so we could jump off the rock into the water.

Bamboo stick fighting in front of the rental cottage

water fights

Kimball and his constant need to eat

The big bridge was so fun to go over

Joey and I swam over to this little rock island. we discovered some fish bones and jumped off.

Playing at the cottage and eating pop cycles


fishing with my baby bump and excited to have another boy that will soon get to try his hand at fishing too

hiking around the lake to find the cows. We knew we were close when we saw all the cow pies

Found them. Tionne loved waving at the cows and kept shouting "Hi". I think he was waiting for them to talk back

Playing in the mud is great