Sunday, June 26, 2011

Poor Peter had a lot to do around my birthday time: working all week and then giving me 2 whole weekends off while I went to do a triathlon, and the next weekend at Time Out For Women. He kept the house clean, kids entertained, made me dinner and got presents. the only thing he forgot was the cake :) I love ice cream cakes, but when he raced to the store he couldn't find one. We opted for ice cream and lots of yummy sauces and sprinkles. Thanks for a Great birthday month with lots of fun!
My mothers day surprises from the boys: A pot of basil plants, and a cake Joey decorated at school. Two yummy things. Joey knows his mom--lots of sprinkles all over the cake!

So, my little "fix-it-man" was all too quiet one day. I peeked downstairs and saw him removing the light switch cover. How did he even know how to do that?!? He just loves anything he can unscrew and put back together.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Father-Sons Campout

The boys had a GREAT time camping with Dad!!!!!

All the crazy ants and the path they wore in the grass

Kimball and Caleb taking a break

playing with all the boys
drying out clothes after the stream

While the guys were all gone, I decided to do the BYU 5K with all the ladies from the ward. It was a lot of fun!
Easter Sunday Kimball found a stash of wildflowers growing in some unknown location in our yard. He bought them in a few at a time until it made this beautiful little Easter bouquet.

These are a couple of Joey cute pictures that were too big to save.


After a very long time of coaxing, pushing, motivating Kimball to poop on the toilet, he is finally potty trained. I did everything I could think of to get him to do it. I even had a very convincing performance of his favorite stuffed puppy pooping on the toilet. (It was peanut butter and I was oh so sneaky. Kimball was amazed, but nonetheless, not desirous to do it himself).

I had finally had it. I had to pull out the threats. It was mid April--1.5 months before Kimball's' 4th birthday--and I told him that 4 year olds are big boys, and he would not be able to turn 4 and have a party until he pooped in the toilet like big boys do. It all happened at the time that Kimball's preschool teacher's daughter got lice and their whole house was infested. So Kimball didn't go to school those 2 days, and we basically stayed home all week and practiced.

I told him if he got 5 days in a row pooping all his poop in the toilet (without any accidents) he could have his birthday party and go to the hotel by the beach that the boys love to stay in. If he had a poop accident he would have to start all over again. By the end of the week all 5 squares were colored in and he had the habit of pooping in the toilet!

I was sooo happy!!! I thought I might be sending him to college with a load of diapers :)

Birthday weekend

I couldn't think of any thing I wanted for my birthday, just lots of fun experiences. So my sweet hubby did lots of taking care of the boys while I went out and played. First the triathlon, and then a weekend of Time Out For Women. I had a great time and learned so much. Thanks honey for doing all the work while I went out and played!When I finally came home :) Peter made me a delicious dinner of grilled salmon and asparagus. Yummy!
I LOVE ice cream cakes, but with all his other duties, Peter couldn't easily find one this year. He improvised and made me this. It was delicious!